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New and recent DVDs and audiobooks

This page lists DVDs starring Richard Armitage that are due to be released soon, or have been released recently. His recent audiobooks are also listed.

Full details of all his DVDs, and links to buy them, are on the 'Production Details and DVDs' page of each programme, eg North and South, Robin Hood, and The Vicar of Dibley.


Captain America The Region 1 DVD was released in North America on 25th October 2011 (available at Amazon US). The Region 2 DVD was released in the United Kingdom on 5th December (available at Amazon UK).

Strike Back: Project Dawn The Region 2 DVD was released on 14th November on DVD (it's available at Amazon UK) and on BluRay (also available for pre-order at Amazon UK). Nb Richard Armitage only appears (briefly) in episode 1 of the series.

North and South The French language Region 2 DVD was released on 2nd November 2011. It's available from Amazon France.

HMS Ark Royal A Region 2 DVD of the series is available at Amazon UK, and also at Simply Home Entertainment.

Lost Land of the Tiger The series is available on Region 2 DVD as part of a boxset called The Lost Land Collection. The set contains not only The Lost Land of the Tiger, but also The Lost Land of the Jaguar and The Lost Land of the Volcano. It can be ordered at






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