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Messages from Richard Armitage

Since 2004, Richard Armitage has kept in touch with his fans by sending messages every few months.

While North and South was still being shown in the United Kingdom, 'Lisa' set up a website in his honour, A couple of weeks after the series ended in December 2004, he sent a message to her to be posted on her new site. He thanked the viewers who had reacted so enthusiastically to the drama and had been discussing it on the BBC Drama website's messageboard and on the Richard Armitage Yahoo group (later renamed The Armitage Army):

"I want to thank everyone for the unbelievable response to North and South, it is quite overwhelming but warmly received. It was such a huge pleasure to make and I am thrilled that it has given you pleasure to watch. [...] I am amazed at the way in which you have all picked up on the very fine details we were all working towards, even subliminal moments which I thought were secret and would pass unnoticed have been observed. Thank you." [1]

It was the first of many messages thanking fans for their support and keeping them in touch with what he was doing and with his future projects. His friendly and funny messages have been much appreciated.

The early messages were posted exclusively on Later, technical problems at the site caused by its own popularity lead to him sending some messages to the C19 messageboard. Some months later, he decided to send his messages to this site, and (the latter two sites have since closed).

Some messages in 2008 and 2009 were received from a "Spokesperson for Mr Armitage"...

This page contains all the messages received from Richard (and his "Spokesperson") from December 2004 onwards, as well as a message he posted on the BBC North and South messageboard shortly before it closed in February 2005.


[1] Message from Richard Armitage, 13th December 2004, posted on


20th December 2017

Richard tweeted his Christmas message - see it here.


19th December 2016

Richard posted a Christmas message on Facebook - see it here.


19th December 2015

Richard tweeted his Christmas message - see it here.


23rd December 2014

Richard tweeted a Christmas message - see it here.


19th December 2013

Hi everyone,

Well I just wanted to come on line and wish everyone a Happy Christmas (Turkey Day or Holiday, depending on your preference) it's been another wonderful year, which has been full of hard work, fun and surprises. Thank you for your continuing support of my work, I hope you never underestimate what that means to me personally. Seeing so many at the LA premier (sorry about the un fan-friendly red carpet) Berlin, London, Madrid is really the highlight of the year. I am very proud to have such a dedicated community of 'well wishers' (better word than fans...right?) Proud because of the dignity and decency with which you communicate with each other and document your ideas. It's always illuminated with positivity and support for each other, unlikely friendships forged through a common interest. That makes me proud, and brings me to my real reason for the message. To say a huge thank you to Annette Gill, who has worked so hard on her web pages, doing exactly what I just described in a very elegant way. I think she is truly a wonderful journalist and archivist and I would like to thank her personally for all the time she spent creating and updating the site.

I wanted to wish you love and happiness for 2014, thank you for the generous gifts and the donations to the 'Just Giving' pages I think our totals are looking very healthy.

Without getting into a pulpit or onto soap box, (cynics tune out now!) I want to say that for me especially as I get older, this time of year becomes more about making the journey to be with family or friends and sitting around a table which hopefully has some good food on it, however bountiful that is. But for those who don't have very much or are alone, I wish them at least a sense of peace for a day. I know that I am happiest when I can be useful, which usually involves giving time and effort towards something. That gives me peace. (Guess who's making the gravy this year!!)

This quote isn't meant to be maudlin, because I actually find it uplifting, but it expresses what I mean. It's Sonya from Chekhov's Uncle Vanya.

What can we do? We must live out our lives....we shall live, Uncle Vanya. We shall live all through the endless procession of days ahead of us, and through the long evenings. We shall bear patiently the burdens that fate imposes on us. We shall work without rest for others, both now and when we are old. And when our final hour comes, we shall meet it humbly.... we shall enter on a bright and beautiful life. We shall rejoice... A tender smile -- and -- we shall rest. We shall hear the angels. We shall see heaven shining like a jewel. We shall see evil and all our pain disappear in the great pity that shall enfold the world. Our life will be as peaceful and gentle and sweet as a caress. I have faith...we shall rest.

fumblingly sent from my iPad


28th November 2012

Dear Friends,

So I am sitting in my hotel room from which I can see a very long red carpet and The Embassy Theatre. I am nervous, excited and quite emotional, the day has arrived when we can finally present our work for everyone to hopefully enjoy.

I wanted to say thank you for the continuing support that I receive from everyone who visits Annette's brilliant site, and those others which have popped up over the last few years and months. It means so much to me to have that support. I truly hope you all enjoy The Hobbit, I tried to respect the responsibility that taking on this role presented to me, my fellow cast members are all spectacular in the story and we send out our work to you in the hope that you can take your friends and family to see a great event in the cinema.

I look forward to saying thank you, at the various premiers over the next few weeks.

See you on the Red Carpet.

Much love

fumblingly sent from my iPad


24th December 2011

Dear All,

So my feet are finally on UK soil, back in Blighty, nose to tail traffic and the usual Heathrow drizzle. But it's good to be home for Christmas. I think the jet lag might give me a sneaky glimpse of Santa this year as I am wide awake at 2am!

It's been one of the most memorable years I have ever experienced, the big birthday (which I tried to ignore, by sleeping through it!) and the privilege to be in NZ working on The Hobbit has make this year unforgettable. The places we have been to and the things we have seen, have surpassed all my expectations. I was very choked up as the plane left Wellington on Weds, it really has become home and to all my new friends there and my old friends here I would like to raise a glass for the festive season.

Thank you for the continuing support which you all lend as part of our community of 'friends', it really has an impact on me personally, I feel very much supported and I hope that waiting for the film isn't too frustrating. I haven't quite had the time to attend to all the signed photos that people were requesting as Christmas gifts for family and friends and I apologise for dissappointing them, I will get on the case as soon as I can.

I think next year will be like that last turn of the corner when you think you have reached the summit, only to find you are miles from the top and the climb is even steeper, but we are gearing up for an exciting ride. I even might step off the treadmill and put my dumb bells down briefly to scoff some turkey on 25th!!

Thank you all for the continued generosity on the Just Giving pages which in total comes to more than £14,000.

I would like to say Happy Christmas to everyone who drops in to catch up on the news and further across our online 'party' of friends, have a great holiday, and a cracking New Year. Just think this time next year, we'll all be crossed eyed from all the 3D movies we will have watched, and by 2013, technology will have advanced so much, we won't even have to go the the cinema, it will be transmitted directly into our imagination by a WIFI/Bluetooth microchip which we will have all had installed into our Hypothalamusesl! (Hypothalami?)

Enjoy the typos!

Peace and goodwill (and I really mean that, be willingly good, extra good, extra peaceful and extra forgiving)



25th August 2011

Dear Friends,

I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you for all the kind gifts which have been sent to me over the last few weeks, for my birthday; so many gifts, cards and emails of good wishes from all over the world. (Poland, Ukraine, Japan, Russia, Germany, Korea, Itlay, USA, Canada, Netherlands and all over the UK)

I will be so 'well read', drunk, fat, warm and sweet smelling thanks to your generosity.

I am particularly excited to let you know that the "Just Giving" donations to our four charities has reached an amazing £11,933! In addition to donations to Oxfam and Christchurch Earthquake appeal, which I find both thoughtful and moving.

I am afraid there may be some delay in remitting thank you letters and any requests for signing photos, as I am in New Zealand for the rest of the year, but am working on a system to remedy this.

So middle age has arrived and apparently 'life now begins'. I look forward to the next chapter, there is nowhere I would rather be at this moment than exploring "Middle Earth" with my new family of Dwarves, Elves, Men, Wizard and Hobbit. What a gift to be here, in this place, at this time. I can't wait to share it with everyone. I am a very fortunate man.

Much love


29th May 2011

Dear All,

I wanted to post a message to say a huge thank you for your generosity of donations to the Christchurch fundraiser on 22nd May, I gather there was a considerable contribution from members of our little community, which is gratefully received to help a rather larger and damaged community 'rise up' get back on its feet. I am so grateful and proud to see such support from so far away, you really are hugely reliable when it comes to those in need. Thank you. I hope our little teaser want too much of a tease, it is so difficult to give anything away, of the movie we are making but we had to do something; I have resisted signing anything 'Hobbity', until the film is finished (just a little bit superstitious) but I was very proud to add my name to the book for Christchurch.

I had a belated request from a certain Wizard about some cello playing, now as a music lover, and particularly that instrument, I can see how that might be a real possibility and perhaps a joy to hear...if Yo Yo Ma were asked. However, raising money for charity by simulating the sound of a strangled cat whose claws are clinging onto a chalkboard for dear life, whilst someone in another room tries to tune a radio in, would result in a charity deficit, with demands for refunds and compensation to boot. So I may have to decline for now, until I have had time to practice a bit more.

With regards for requests for social media, blogs tweets etc. I have always worried that I will reveal something about the project I am working on that I am not allowed to, added to the fact that I am just about up to e mailing and little more, I may have to abstain for now.

So were are about to depart for our short hiatus and I will be sorry to say farewell to Wellington and NZ, one of the most exciting places I have been lucky enough to live and work, not just a magnificent landscape but a warm, friendly, generous and really cool community, which has welcomed us with open arms. Seriously this place has to go to the top of the Bucket List.

Much Love

24th December 2010

Dear One and All,

Its that time again, time to get together, eat drink and be merry. 'WASSAIL'. I will be doing quite a lot of wassailing in the next 48 hours make no mistake. I want to take this opportunity to say thank you again for all your support this year, for the kind gifts and kind words which have been bestowed on me. Thank you also for all your generous donations placed on 'just', over the four charities; Childline, Barnardos, Shelter and The Salvation Army you have donated over £8000, and in a year when we are all tightening our belts, thats pretty amazing.

I haven't been as attentive as I would like this year, either on line, by letter or in person; but in a zeigeist of information overload, I am enjoying the silence, and as Oscar Wilde once pointed out:

"I am but too conscious of the fact that we are born in an age when only the dull are treated seriously, and I live in terror of not being misunderstood"

So in a brief moment of terror I succomb, to wish everyone a really thoroughly Merry Christmas. 2010 has been a challenge and next 365 days look like another 'mountain' to climb. I know I say it every Dec 24th, but please 'take a little and give a lot', and resolve to do it better next year, you know I don't just mean Christmas.

Thanks to Annette for sharing this message on her wonderful site. Thank you to all the other who work so hard on their site's all over the world. This is for all of you.

Have a wonderful Christmas, holiday or whatever you are celebrating and Love and luck for 2011....yikes!


PS. I apologise in advance for next year as there may be a slight delay with the return of signed photos and thank you notes; as I may be spending some time on the other side of the planet, possibly wearing a beard.


23rd December 2009

Dear Friends,

Its that time of year again and I wanted to extend my goodwill and best wishes to you all. It has been a busy, rather difficult year for all of us, and coming to the end of a decade is a great time to think and gather strength for the next one.

Thank you for the continued support, which has been offered to me this year, I hope that I can continue to 'carve a path' which is both exciting, diverse and honorable to this crazy art form.

Thank you all, also, for the wonderful gifts which I have finally received after my travels abroad. I will eventually give thanks by letter. I do however, wish to ask, especially at this time of year, and this particular year, as I look at the small mountain of carefully chosen gifts purchased with those hard earned pennies; wracked with guilt when I think of the potential that your collective generosity could provide for those who have much less than I do; for you to pause and consider. I can't tell you how grateful I am for all your support and kind words, these are gifts enough, and I would like to recommend two other charities which I have chosen to support this year in addition to Barnardo's and Shelter. I would like to recommend Childline and The Salvation Army, as potential recipients of a small offering.

I have also set up a page at if you go to the site and enter my name, you can chose from the 4 charities I have mentioned, and give a small donation, anonomously, if you like or with a message. I hope this makes it a little easier and more fun.

I hope the Christmas spirit runs high through all the families gathering together, and for those who are alone, to enjoy the simplicity of a day when the our corner of the world stops for a few hours. Yes there is only one left!!!

Drink, be Merry, be kind, be thankful.

I wish everyone joy for Christmas, and hope for a happy 2010.

With love

Nb Richard's four JustGiving pages are as follows:

Childline, Barnardos, Shelter, and the Salvation Army.

(Please note, these are the only four pages that he has set up at present. There is at least one other fundraiser of the same name on JustGiving).


3rd August 2009

It has come to my attention that offense may have been take by some comments made about the AA in various print interviews. I have to apologize for this offense, it was only ever my intention to be positive about any group or forum that is kind enough to offer their support to me in my work. I believe this is how I have presented myself to journalists although I cannot control the bias they might wish to 'spin' regarding their opinion of such forums. In general I do tend to be light hearted about 'fan' support, this is just my way of keeping things 'real' and down to earth, which they must always remain. I would and have never 'ridiculed' any fan for their dedication, I have always corrected interviewers when the talk about 'crazed fans', I make sure they understand the respect and intelligence with which most of you all conduct yourselves. I am mortified that this has somehow been misinterpreted, but I take responsibility for this and will stand firm in the face of future ridicule.

So I hereby categorically, and hopefully for the last time say to all fans on any board discussion group or forum :

Any amount of support, any gesture of appreciation is never underestimated or dismissed. Every letter is read and whenever a response is requested an attempt is made to do this, I understand the commitment of fans and the way I chose to return that compliment is to continue to produce work which will be of interest to as many as possible.

Ps.  I also hate the word 'fan'.

Spooksperson for RA


16th December 2008

Following the repatriation of the Robin Hood company to blighty, the spokesperson for RA has mysteriously disappeared. However, Hungarian 'Rendorseg' managed to locate a hotel room which was noted as his last abode. After searching the room and forensic dusting for fingerprints  an 'ubersuperduper unbelievably teeny tiny mini me micro film' was located, secreted in a particle of dust which was lodged in a greasy finger print left on the rim of a pot noodle, evidence of Spokes persons seriously compromised existence. The ubersuperduper unbelievably teeny tiny mini me micro film then had to be dipped in Russian Standard Vodka for processing. Viewing the film proved to be nearly impossible but for a lucky purchase from Wollies at 50% discount of the very last "Ubersuperduper unbelievable teeny tiny mini me micro film player/clock radio with microwave and bagless vacuum contained the following message:

"Agent A would like to wish all his contacts/agents a wonderfully joyous, peaceful and fun filled Christmas. He wanted to thank them all for their continued support this year and hopes to deliver 'in spades' for 2009. He is once again overwhelmed by all the generous gifts and messages and is attempting to respond a soon as is possible. He would like also to offer a toast to 2009 wishing all 'agents', success and happiness. In the spirit of peace and good will this message will self destruct in 3 seconds or if option B is exercised recipients will be termin............... "


1st October 2008

The Spokesperson for RA would like to issue a brief message of thanks on behalf of said bloke.

A large number of gifts have been received for said blokes birthday. Said bloke would like to thank everyone who sent said gifts and is currently in the process, with the help of said blokes Mum writing thank you letters for said gifts. Unfortunately, some gifts were sent without return addresses hence this posting.

Unable to comment and refusing to speak publicly about said gifts, said bloke, said: "wow a pair of pants with a cartoon caricature of me on the rear...just what I have always wanted"

Said bloke was said to have been last seen wearing, eating, riding, and climbing all said gifts at the same time in an effort to make a public display of affection for his fans who sent them. Unfortunately two of the gifts, a donkey and a horse called Will Scarlett, who were know to be rivals, kicked off during the stunt, literally, and ran riot through the tree sanctuary where the stunt rehearsal was taking place. Apparently Will Scarlett was last seen scoffing all the chocolate gifts, slugging a bottle of German wine and trying on aftershave  whilst the Donkey, who had managed to get tangled in the caricature underpants was having a crack at a Guy of Gisborne knitting pattern whilst listening to some quite funky tunes, and studying various novels, some of them not even in English. Said bloke who was attempting to ride both animals at the time they kicked off, sustained a rather difficult injury.

The animals have since been separated and returned to their respective homes, unharmed, somewhat inebriated but fairly well read...and well fed. Said bloke was last seen hobbling back to work.


5th August 2008

Apparently, in a bizarre turn of events, RA has been rearrested by the Kolbasz counter in a well know Hungarian Supermarket. He is being held on litigation and libel charges for attempting to defraud the public.

A Hungarian bystander who witnessed the arrest said, in Hungarian, "it was terrible , the poor man had armfuls of Kolbasz in various shapes and sizes and the Police just tackled him to the ground."

RA is being held under the controversial '365 day Showbiz detainment bill'. He is charged with never actually writing any of the messages posted on any web site, ever.

Gagged from speaking publicly about anything, ever, and voluntarily refusing to comment, RA said:

"Its not true, I always wrote everything myself. I even put in bad grammar, spelling and inappropriate humour to appear more down to earth." RA was dragged from his interrogation screaming that he had an English degree.

Professors of English from Oxford, have been brought in to examine the archives of said messages, in a bid to get to the bottom of RA's claims.

"If he really is as clever as he says we'll find out"  but an preliminary examination of the material suggests that the poor content, style and mundane subject matter, along with the grammatical errors would be impossible to fake.


31st July 2008

Apparently, Richard Armitage was arrested on the streets of Budapest last night and is being held on charges of 'fan abandonment'. He is facing a litigation and libel charges in which he used the term "Spokesperson for Mr Armitage". The Spokesperson for Mr Armitage said "As spokeperson for Mr Armitage, I have to deny all charges. Mr Armitage refused to comment saying: "ask the Spokesperson I don't have a brain"


22nd April 2008

Hi everyone,

This is a message of thanks for yet more gifts and good wishes that I have been receiving, I apologize if some of you have been waiting for responses but since United Agents relocation there has been a bit of a back log, but I hope to catch up with it all soon.

Before I say thanks, I have to 'rap knuckles' again. I am really sad that I have to write a message like this but needs must. I have been informed of continued angst amongst forum and fan base members, though various different channels and I want to ease any growing tensions if I can.

Obviously I have no evidence for problems nor will I take sides in any dispute. I have NO personal correspondence with any fan, fan base or forum, I have deliberately tried NOT to favour one over another. My ONLY contact is through these messages. Occasionally, in the past, I have responded to letters with minor personal additions when requested but I suspect this may be causing further problems. Any 'thanks' given have been because certain events, gifts, fund raising have been brought to my attention. If ever I have over looked someone or something, I sincerely apologize. I welcome any requests for 'commendations' and will do everything I can to oblige.

Charity endorsement will always be unofficial, which enables me to look at different charities when needs arise. Once again, if I am asked to endorse something, it is looked into properly and then I will decide if it is something I want to support. Usually it is because it is relevant to me.

So please, once more, let me implore you to put your grievances aside and enjoy the fun. If it stops being fun, then it must stop altogether. I am really proud to have such a united fan base and I love the fact that I can keep things informal and have contact with you all. I am determined this will not change but if it all falls apart because the 'foundations are cracked', it would be such a great shame.  I do not favour one site over another which is why I have asked for my messages to be distributed to anyone who wants to post it. There is room for everyone.

I get quite a few very personal letters telling me how this community has helped them through difficult times or given them a great hobby, so I suppose the letters which tell me how upset the community has made them, is all part of the ebb and flow. I just ask you to look after each other, thats all. There are quite a few sensitive souls lingering out there which need protecting not to mention the younger members who are looking at you as role models. This angst goes against everything I believe in, I think you know that.

"To live and let live, without clamour for distinction or recognition; to wait on divine love; to write truth first on the tablet of one's own heart - this is the sanity and perfection of living."
~ Mary Baker Eddy

Thank you for:

Framed water colour of Me as Richard III (watch this space!)
Stationary Paper with My Name and Mrs A's name on it (scribble scribble)
Upwardly mobile Actors Survival Kit 'Track Suit' (To run away from angry fans!?)
Silver Gold Engraved ring (hidden in Easter egg nearly choked on it scoffing the chocolate!)
Junior Doctors Satirical Stories+ Phots of OZ (down under not Wizard of...)
Silver Bracelet hidden in Comfy insoles (nearly choked on it scoffing insoles!!)
Insect repellent and Herbal Cream (scratch scratch)
Stuffed toy Vixen and Pink Umbrella (animal not woman!!)
"The Iron King" by Maurice Duron (am guessing this isn't about pressing a shirt!)
Richard III by Horace Walpole (read it Love it)
CD's Demo CD's (Simon Cowell eat ya heart out)
The Taming of the Shrew by Willy Wagglestaff (no comment)
Adventures of Little Guy by Cherry T (is that alcoholic?)
Vitamin B ( for 'Blummin eck that does the trick')
Easter Eggs + Fairtrade bag for Life (choked on the bag scoffing the chocolate)
Easter Eggs and dark side chocolate (choked on the chocolate scoffing the...chocolate)
Chocolate Soap (really cleaned my mouth out!)
Hand knitted socks (bless her cottons!!)
Pen and Key Chain set (writing home)
Special Powers Thimble (to ward of evils)
2 Leap Year proposals (covered in Chocolate...)
Crucifix (to keep me safe!)

Probably a few more to follow.

Much Love
Keep up the good work and SHINE

30th March 2008



27th December 2007

Ok, so I was maybe a little hasty in my filing of “Director of Armitage Fan Base Centrals” P45. She won’t be getting fired after all. In fact, Turkey wasn’t stuffed and gifts remained unwrapped until the piles of your letters and gifts were dealt with. We had to survive on fish fingers and half a tin of ‘Quality Street’!
I was a little hasty, you see, half of the mail went North and half came South, and I finally caught up!

So here is my ‘thank you’ list part 2.

If I could only reply individually to your letters I would. It is very easy to sit here and suggest charity’s etc. but when those gift cards come through the post and I realise the generosity and care which is out there, I feel PRIVILEGED to have fans who care as much as you.

The books of poetry, music and all your personal gifts are given with so much thought. I don’t believe I deserve it, but I send thanks all the same.

I don’t think any of your gifts are WEIRD, I love them all.

World Vision Meal for 70 children in Cambodia
Shelter, gift
Oxfam Unwrapped donation to Bangladesh and Respect
Banardos  ‘Give Mum a helping Hand’
Banardos ‘Help an Autistic Child’
A gift of love from Tear- school supplies to help 3rd world children attend a community school
3 Trees planted in Normanton Wood, Earl Shilton by Woodland trust. (Visited this on Boxing Day!!!)
“Redwings Horse Sanctuary” in Oxhill, Warwicks.
A years sponsorship of a horse named ‘Will Scarlet’ (How cool is this, I may have to pay Will Scarlet a visit too!)


Yorkshire and Fresh Air Poems
Poems by Eminescu, A Romanian Poet
Do Nothing to Change your Life
Various Islands

Amy Winehouse CD
Zavvi Gift Card
2 Snowflake Charms
Charity Calender 2008
Key ring ‘Talisminis’
Mouse mat Jibjab
Australia Calender
Half a ton of Chocolate

So once again thank you for your generosity, I hope your Christmas was Merry and I dare you to have a brilliant 2008...thats what I intend to do.

22nd December 2007

In the absence of this weeks episode of Robin Hood, I thought, I might send a final Christmas message. The main purpose of this is to say a heartfelt thanks for all your wonderful gifts and cards which I have received from all over the world.

Your thoughtfulness and generosity is always overwhelming. I will try and get round to writing 'thank you' letters in the New Year, but predicting that next year, I may be spread very thinly, I am going to say thank you here.

Thankyou for:

UBS fan to keep me cool whilst on my mac!
“The Prophet” by Kahil Gibran
Pens and more pens, stickers and pen case
The Royal Philharmonic Classic Collection
Fairtrade Chocs
Nail Clippers and case.
Scots dictionary
Mini Wooden Cello and Bow (having trouble getting it between my legs: as the actress said to the bishop; its very small….about 3 inches…I need a mini chair to sit at….no really, don’t even think about it !!!!)
Chocolate money (in a Swiss chocolate bank account!!)
Mahler Symphony no 5 (one of my favorites)
Beaded Chokers. (someone wants to choke me!!)
Anaheim “Ducks” Hockey T shirt…..Go Ducks!!!
South Park ‘Armitage back catalogue T Shirt’ ( I have to say this made me crease with laughter, many of the characters I have played immortalised as ‘South Park’ cartoons! Seriously worth marketing, If I didn’t love it so much I would auction this for Charity.
Big choc’s and prosseco (favourite tipple of the moment!)
Choccy Heart (meltable!!)
Home made Choccy Gizzy Advent Calender (considered giving this to a little 3 year year old who is very close to my heart (the real one not the choccy one)  but Christmas is about love and good will and the terror of seeing Gisborne’s face instead of baby Jesus, dissuaded me!!
2 Mosquito nets for babies in Africa via Oxfam
Unicef Tree decoration
A donation of  £276 to a Slovakian Childrens home from the Austrian and German fans.
A folder packed with cards from the German message board.
Many other cards and gifts from Austria, Canada, USA, Czech republic, Belgium, Australia. The Moon….Mars.…..Snickers…..Uranus….NO don’t start all that!

If I forgot anyone else, I am sorry, it may not have reached me yet.

I have the usual apology to make about getting photo requests out in time for gifts. The “Director of Armitage Fan base Central” is treading a very fine line. She has selfishly opted to stuff turkeys and wrap gifts instead of attending to her duties. She may well be collecting her P45 in the new year!!!! (Mums the word!)

So it only remains for me to wish you all Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and hope filled New Year.
Here’s to  2008!

Much love


ps A very special thank you to the administrators and organisers of the AA and RAonline sites, It is such an priviledge for me to have your skilled work and dedication. Thankyou.

3rd December 2007

Hi everyone this is  a little message to greet you all with good cheer and high spirits as we approach the Christmas period.

I have had some requests for various posts and so I am asking you all to congratulate the “Loose400lbs by Christmas Challenge” ladies (and gents?) for reaching their target. Personally I can loose £400 extremely quickly this time of year especially when the bubbly is flowing and I just can’t help buying everyone a drink!! Which leads me on to talk about charity.

I usually mention a couple of charities that I donate to at this time of the year, in case anyone else, feeling a bit bewildered with everything we do to make ourselves comfortable at Christmas, when there are some people who have nothing. I think this year I would like to suggest Oxfam (because this is a global charity and members from abroad can take part), the DEC Bangladesh Cyclone Appeal and Shelter. So at least when we are stuffing our faces on Christmas Day we might just help someone else to find a meal; and when we are tucked up in bed on Christmas Eve with the central heating ready to kick in, we can dream that we might have helped someone find a bed for the night, so they can wake up and feel safe and secure for at least one morning of the year. I am sure many of you always give help and its not necessarily the financial donations that are best. Time and personal care is often priceless.

Just to come back down to earth though, I WILL be stuffing my face, but only to make my Mum happy!!

I know some of you are wondering about future projects so I will try to fill you in a little. Richard III is still very much in development, I am weighed down with history books in my determination to uncover as much fact as possible before we embark on telling his story, which will ultimately be a fiction!

There is also another project on the cards but unfortunately it has to remain top secret until it is officially confirmed, although there is a clue in that statement! So that’s all I can say for now, sadly the ‘Havoc Tour’ rock album will have to wait, until I can learn to play the guitar properly, I can’t seriously cut into a heavy metal ‘middle eight’ with a flute solo can I?

I hope that you are enjoying  Robin Hood. The final few episodes should keep the blood circulating!! Thank you for your continued support this year.


27th August 2007

Wow You Guys,

(Thats me practicing my American colloquialisms also known as 'I am astonished at your messages')

As you know, I try not to celebrate my birthday or at least not the last 2 digits of it. So thanks to every one who send HUGE number 3*'s in the post and on screen. Strangely as I tried to look at the HUGE number, I got some dust in my eye and just couldn't focus on it properly, so sadly another year will have to pass with me acknowledging my mental age rather than actual age. I think you will agree I am pretty eloquent and surprisingly tall for a 6 year old.

Seriously, your messages are really lovely and I am very moved that you all take the time to write something.

Budapest has finally cooled down a bit now so Guy no longer has a lobster coloured face, a strange sloshing sound that accompanies his walk and ice packs sticking out of any available space...not very much available!

Here is a big list of 'thankyou's' for all your gifts and cards, there were quite a few and I won't be able to mention everyone but thanks for

Engraved letter opener all the way from Oz
Video of Edinburgh
Books "Agent Zigzag, Budapest 360o, "Where the Curlews Call"
Mexican Bookmark
T shirts ,Ties, Beer mat, Leo Birthstone
Donations to Barardos, The Smile Train, Oxfam
many cards from all over the world
Cuddly Toy,
28 piece dinner service..... didn't I do well!!!!

Last one was a was 26 piece!!!

I am overwhelmed with your generosity and support.

Much Love

27th July 2007

JULY 2007

The Hungarian government would like to issue some practical advice for survival during the extreme heat conditions currently being experienced in the capital.

a,We recommend that you drink lots of water

b,We recommend staying in the shade and not moving around too much.

c,What we do NOT recommend, in fact we absolutely advice against is: dressing head to toe in black leather, in an enormous polystyrene box with numerous blazing furnace/braziers/torches, and fans designed to cool which, in fact, unexpectedly create the worlds largest FAN ASSISTED OVEN: all cunningly disguised as "Nottingham Castle". This kind of practice is highly irresponsible and could result in the roasting of internal organs. Should you find yourself in this rare and undesirable situation and you smell something cooking, please refer to points a, and b, for immediate relief.

NB. The addition of LARGE LEATHER CLOAKS and HOT AND BOTHERED ANGRY HORSE could exacerbate point c, and in this ridiculous and illegal situation we recommend you refer to point d,e, or f,


e,call agent

f,think of loved ones taking Gondolas to work along the M5 and count yourself lucky!!!

Its quite hot here!!!

22nd May 2007

Hi there, just a quick thank you to everyone who came to show their support at the BAFTAS, some people, I gather, stood outside the Palladium from 8am!!! Also, thank you to everyone who cast a vote for the Vicar of Dibley Christmas Special. Despite reports, I gather the vote was very close so your efforts were not wasted.

Back in a sweltering Budapest, leather is really tedious in this heat, I must have a word about getting Gisborne some Summer Kit!

Much love and thanks once again for your support, sorry if I didn't manage to get to sign everyone's autographs.


29th April 2007

Hello there from Budapest,

Just a fleeting visit to say I hope you enjoy Marie Lloyd on 9th May, apologies if I am unable to make it back for GMTV, things are quite busy here and  it's not always possible to get back in time.

So I wanted to introduce you to  a new way of communicating with you. I have decided to post messages on, and (gosh that all sound a bit narcicistic!)

Anyway, there has been much debate in recent weeks about updating the official site. So Lisa and I have decided that no one site will be termed official. This is no reflection on Lisa's work but simply because when, after much deliberation, I decided to accept Lisa's offer of being official, we had no idea that demand would grow in the way it did. I think if something is termed 'official' then people expect a 'service' and some kind of 'duty' to update the site. This was never the intention, I always wanted Lisa to do what she did through pleasure not pressure. So I will be communicating with you through all three sites, then hopefully there can be some support between them, and more of a united feeling.

I have decided not to post on message boards as I feel these are places of free speech and more informal, again this is no reflection on their content and I have asked the three sites to communicate and link between each other , also to try and find some unity.

Just on the subject of message boards, I have had a few complaints about an 'adult only Gisborne page'.....I have no idea where this is or who is posting, and if it were any other character I would say, go for it and have a laugh, but it occurred to me that Gisborne is one character who is particularly associated with a show aimed at young people. So I would just ask you to bear in mind that these young people will always manage to get access to a site if they want and I would hate to think there was some content that they may find disturbing. Please continue to have fun but just be thoughtful.

Anyway, that's just a bit of admin out of the way. I must say season 2 is shaping up well, so far, I can't reveal any more that that but lets just say each 45 mins is like a mini action movie the BBC are certainly pulling out all the stops!

Must dash but I thought I would give you a little Zen poem to help you start the day.

This is what should be done
By one who is skilled in goodness,
And who knows the path of peace:
Let them be able and upright,
Straightforward and gentle in speech.
Humble and not conceited,
Contented and easily satisfied.
Unburdened with duties and frugal in their ways.
Peaceful and calm, and wise and skillful,
Not proud and demanding in nature.
Let them not do the slightest thing
That the wise would later reprove.

        -   The Buddha's Words on Kindness (Metta Sutta)


The following three messages were sent to the C19 messageboard and are reproduced here with the permission of 'CC', the board's owner.

7th April 2007

Hello everyone and greetings from Budapest,

Please forgive me for being out of touch but the past few weeks have been very hectic. We are all back in Budapest for season 2 of Robin Hood, and I have to say it's great to be back. I think the 2nd series is kicking off to a blinding start with some very exiting stories to keep you all on the edge of your seats, was back on Richie this week and he is behaving himself, having been accepted by the other horses, (I think he was new boy on the block last year, which explains a lot!!)

Anyway, I gather George Gently, is going to be aired on Easter Sunday, I hope you manage to pull yourselves away from all the chocolate eggs and catch a minute or two! Apologies in advance to those from Geordieland I did my very best not to do a bad impression of Jimmy Nail but I think I sound like a bad extra from Biker Grove!!! Anyway if you turn the sound down I think it may be fairly acceptable.

I have to say a very special thank you for the generosity shown with regards to 'The Doodle', I was really astonished but very moved, that something so rubbish would raise so much money! I am working on a better sketch to offer the winner! I have to tell you all that you never fail to deliver with your support and it is increasingly clear to me that I am becoming successful because of that support, don't ever think I don't care or that I am taking it for granted, that will never happen. I am fully aware of the precarious and fickle nature of this profession and appreciate that my place in it is partly down to you. (Thanks to Annette for her new site, I think it is wonderful, I take it as a huge compliment) I am trying to keep up with the photo requests so please be patient as you know I insist on reading every word you all write to me so it takes a while but I do get there in the end.

Anyway, the Special Project is still 'on the table' so to speak, there are a number of people reading it, and I hope to tell you some good news soon so that your support might be able to push the wheels into motion. For those of you still guessing here is a big clue. I was born on the day he died and was subsequently named after him as my Dad was very interested in his life!

Have a wonderful Easter, enjoy the eggs and have fun

Love Richard

18th December 2006

Seasons Greeting to everyone. I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported me this year, and send messages and gifts through various routes. I am so grateful and proud to have such loyalty and I hope that I can continue to entertain you next year. (If all goes to plan then next year will be a milestone...keep guessing!)

Just a quick apology, I am out of photos! and I haven't had a minute to get to the printers so requests for Christmas pictures will probably arrive Christmas 2007!!! I will try to get them all out asap.

I have had one or two gifts sent and it's extremely thoughtful but what would mean more to me, is a small donation to charity. My usual choice at this time of year is for children and the homeless. Any small amount is gratefully recieved and at a time when we all eat drink and spend a bit too much, a small gift is wonderful. I am sure many of you have already done so but if not, have a look at these sites.

I haven't managed to set up an official link yet as I was planning but I will be giving a gift to Crisis and Banardos for Christmas and I would love it if you would all consider doing the same. (click donate now) (there is a section where you can choose a special gift from about £10 "Gifts with a difference")

I hope you all have a wonderful time with your loved ones, I have a little scamp to keep occupied for a few days!!! Just remember that it doesn't matter how much we give and how much we receive it is our 'time' that is important, and simply getting together, having a meal or a few drinks with friends or people that we don't see very often is the only thing we need to do. Have fun, play games, be a child again, be creative, and sod the diet!!

Have a good one.


24th November 2006

Hi there, it seems is a bit popular at the moment so please bear with Lisa while she catches her breath!!!

I wanted to pass on a short message to you to say thankyou to all those who made it to the Vicar of Dibley live show, I was very touched that so many of you made an effort to be there and am so sorry that there were some who couldn't get in at all. I hope you all had a good time and laughed a lot.

Apologies for not being able to meet afterward but I had to dash of to catch an plane on both Sundays so I literally came off the set and into a car.

Anyway, I am so glad that Robin Hood is going down well....although I always thought it would be a mixed reaction, such a broad target audience is always hard.

Love Richard

These earlier messages were originally sent to The site has now closed down, so the messages are reproduced here with the kind permission of Lisa, the webmistress.

22nd November 2006

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who managed to make it to the Vicar of Dibley screening, and apologies to those who were unable to get a ticket.

I am bowled over by the fact that so many of you made the journey to Shepperton, which is really the back of beyond! I hadn't realised that people would turn up and be turned away and tried very hard to arrange a room with screens in for those who couldn't get into the studio but this has to be staffed and fire regulated so it wasn't to be.

Thank you also for leaving the gifts and cards, I will get round to sending stuff back which was requested. I am terribly sorry that I was unable to see anyone after the show but on both Sundays due to other commitments, I literally came off and jumped into a car to get to the airport, and as they managed to find a dressing room for me which was 'a drive' away from the set it was impossible to come and say hello.

I really had a great 3 weeks with the Dibley 'family' haven't laughed so much for so long, (actually broke 2 chairs and a rib or two from  laughing!!) I hope you agree that the comedy writing for these final episodes is really excellent, I was very proud to have been asked and to have all your support on the evening really touched me.

Can't wait to get back on stage again.  Just wanted to give you a hint about a project which I am working on, I think there may have been some speculation about this, I am developing a project with a writer in which I will play the title role and possibly co produce, it will be a historic drama of a previously misrepresented warrior king.....that's all I can say. At the moment we are reworking the scripts and trying to convince someone to make it with us. Could be a lifetimes work but I have great faith that we will pull it of, if not 2007 then 2008.

Anyway, once again a huge heart felt thank you for your continuing support.

p.s  Gisborne will eventually branch out in the clothing department, but only on very special occasions!!

11th September 2006

Tally ho!!

Nearly at an end and heading home to English shores for a while. Wanted to let you all know that the launch for Robin Hood was a huge success, I was hopping around cheering for Robin and booing some idiot in a truly enormous black leather coat. I really hope you all enjoy it if you can tear yourselves away from Paula Abdul's beautiful but strangely frozen face!!!

I think the series is very refreshing, the music completely blew me away (music obsessive that I am) and thank goodness for the HD tapes being found, it makes a huge difference to the quality, like nothing I've seen before....I hope granny watching on her fuzzy Black and white portable still enjoys the show though!!!

Just wanted to pass comment about a certain newspaper interview. I never intended to reveal anything about myself, I was just having a lovely chat with a very nice lady, and almost forgot myself....think I am a bit out of practice. These are the lesson I have to learn, hate being guarded and worrying about saying the wrong thing to please the crowd, that's just not me, but I guess I will have to take lesson from Blair and Brown about deflection technique. I am completely of the opinion, that none of this helps you to believe my portrayal of a character, but the arena which I work in trades with this kind of information currency, I intend to be a spendthrift in future.

Enjoy the series, watch out for a tie in with a well known fast food joint where you may be able to enjoy a Double Gisburger with Cheese, Large Sheriffries and evil sauce, or perhaps some Much Nuggets, a McMarian will satisfy the palate especially when followed with a Cinnamon Allan a Doughnut.

(only kidding.....I hope!)


Richard x

25th August 2006

Hi everyone, just a quick message to say a huge thank you to everyone for those Birthday Greetings, however if you could either reduce the font size when you print 35 to something completely illegible, or just say early 30's that would be great, I have officially stopped counting!

I spent Monday and Tuesday in a recording booth....all day....I was thinking about you all, as I was abusing the microphone.  No, unfortunately I am not releasing a single! But there is something in the pipeline to tie in with RH, which might keep you occupied for a few hours, or a few seconds depending on how quickly you nod off!

We are coming up to the final furlong now and sprinting towards the finishing post. Spurs are sparking, fists are flying and nerves are frayed but we are all hanging in there. The mozzies have let up now...I think they were all blown away by a hurricane which nearly took half of Nottingham Castle with it last Sunday, but we are thankfully still in one piece.

Once again it was so great to read all of you messages and THANK YOU for remembering.

Will keep you posted.
Love Richard
ps. re. the Keane song, just liked the song really. Good job I didn't mention "Smack my Bitch up" by Prodigy (No not one of my favourites!)

24th July 2006

Apologies for my neglect, have been busy with filming. We are over half way through now and things are certainly hotting up. 39 degrees!

I will have to keep mum for a while longer as there is soon to be a wave of press, and then a big push as we go to air! (we will still be here filming!).

Now I am worried that there may be a dose of 'Hood Sickness'...Let me just say that if your children start begging you to buy them Robin Hood underpants, if your old man started to fix Guy of Gisbourne Go Faster stripes to the Mondeo, or you can't decided whether to go for the Marian or Sheriff double quilted loo roll (I suspect the latter will be laced with powdered glass or barbed wire...beware!) then don't say I didn't warn you.

Want to express my thanks to the lady who made the pencil drawing, I was extremely flattered and in a spooky way it is not a million miles away from how Gisbourne is looking...maybe he's a bit angrier and uglier but very similar!

Check out the new Keane album.. I love it. Hamburg song is my favourite...if you listen to it you might understand why.

Also our very own Sheriffs daughter Lily has a brilliant album coming out (sneak preview at the Go Kart track last night!) and it is brilliant!

So, just off to antihistamine my welts and to pray that Richie (ironically the name of my horse) doesn't get bored, again, in the searing heat and bolt to the nearest water hole. With me on his back with only one foot in the stirrup, 10 stunt guys running behind screaming stop in Hungarian (I assumed they were speaking to Richie) and the cameras still for Aunties Bloomers I suspect.  I wondered why they felt the need to tell me to stop...I kind of knew that, and would if I could...perhaps they thought I was stealing the horse or just fancied the afternoon off.
Loads of love
(p. s. Not stereotyping...women put go faster stripes on cars and men buy loo roll......)

18th May 2006

Hello all from sunny mosquito-ridden Budapest, as sit sit here scratching my bites after 2 weeks in the forest, I thought I would drop you a line to say thank you for your support and kind words about "The Impressionists".

I always knew this was going to be received in various ways. It is a specialised subject being delivered in a fairly utilitarian way, attempting to appeal to a broad age range, and for a very small budget, and as we all know that moneys buys time in TV world , everyone's parameters were somewhat compromised. I think the BBC got great value for money and it is a credit to everyone that what was potentially a BBC4 programme was aired on BBC1.

But I am only really concerned with your views, I am so thrilled that so many of you enjoyed the programme and so many young people were engaged as well, that really is something special.

Anyway, I have horses to ride, outlaws to capture and torture to inflict!!!

Until next time

Richard X

23rd March 2006

Lisa and all loggers on!

Shame on me the date of this e mail is proof of how neglectful I have been. I am having my wrists slapped by e mail!!

I do apologise, I have been a little out of touch in recent months, but that is kind of how it goes and you will notice a wave of stuff floating around in the next few weeks.

I have been finishing off bits and pieces for The Impressionists and doing some well chosen publicity, nothing too flashy! But prior to that I was in LA for some time. I was called out for pilot season to do some screen tests at Paramount CBS and HBO, just schlepping my butt around La La Land as we actors ultimately have to do at some point, it is a right of passage! But don't worry I don't have any plans to defect to the West! I was just planting some seeds for the future.

I would have loved to have let you be the first to know, but those cheeky journos at the Mirror have leaked it out, I was saving it up for you as a surprise. So yes...I am Guy of Gisbourne in the New BBC series of Robin Hood. I am afraid that is all I can say at the moment, there is a request to keep quiet about any details for now so I am afraid you will have to do some serious speculating among yourselves! All I can say is I have serious saddle chaffing, aching shoulders from swinging a broad sword and some bruising and grazing from the twang of a long bow! Boys and their toys, I am in my element.

Once again my sincere apologies for leaving you in the dark like that, you see how unreliable I am.

Much love and best wishes

14th December 2005

Just to wish you a Happy 1st Birthday, Merry Christmas and a great New Year, thanks for your continued love and support through 2005, I hope next year will be as much fun. I have been finishing off sound edits etc for 'The Impressionists' and have a couple of new potential projects for next year but will have to keep them under wraps for now! Sorry. Thanks to everyone who kindly sent Birthday Cards and Presents and to those who have sent Christmas Cards and gifts, can I be presumptuous and ask if anyone was considering sending a Christmas gift to send something to someone who needs it far more than me. A card or a small toy to Barnardos would be brilliant or a fiver to Crisis might give a Christmas dinner to someone homeless. If you don't mind I am going to take some of the things I have already received to my local shelter. I am not being Mr Do Good, but I always feel a bit greedy at this time of year, and a bit guilty when receiving a huge box of chocolates from a kind admirer (thank you very much whoever it was).

A personal thanks to Lisa for a thoughtful, brilliant website. An apology for missing 'The Milton Experience' I heard all about it, you lot are fast becoming Trekkies!!! And a final cheers (with a pint of best Yorkshire ale!) Have a great Christmas, see you next year.


p.s Brilliant result with the Children in Need're the best X


16th September 2005

Just wanted to thank everyone who tuned in to Golden Hour on Weds, we have all been quite nervous to find out how it was going to be received, thanks for all your comments also, good or bad! I feel similar about many aspects of the show, but as you may appreciate, for everyone this was a huge and exiting experiment. In America we would have been afforded the luxury of a pilot to iron out the teething problems. Medical drama is like marmite, love it or hate it! but if you are still undecided I would say stick with it as the following eps get better, ep 4 is my favourite and if you stay with it you will find out why!!

Just returned from France shooting The Impressionists, having a brilliant time, but a word of warning 'It's a bit of a hairy show, and that's not just the blokes!!!'

Will get round to answering all your brilliant letters and birthday wishes (was out clubbing in Paris with the cast and crew on 22nd!) If I ever manage to untangle my arms from this giant beard that seems to have a life of its own!

Loads of love and internalcardiothorassictamponading massage,


28th July 2005

Just a quick note to say hello to you and everyone who looks in on the web page. Sorry I haven't been in touch for a while, I have been 'doctoring' away on the Golden Hour, which is soon to be completed due for release during the Autumn season on ITV. 

I am about to start shooting a BBC1, 3 part drama called "The Impressionists" playing the role of Claude Monet, which I am really looking forward to. (that's exclusive info for you there!!) So I may be tied up until the end of September, which bring me round to thank you's.

I would like to say thanks for the continuing letters of support from everyone, and there have been some anonymous gifts sent to me which I would love to write back and say thank you for but have no return address...(to the lady in question...many thanks for the books! They will be cherished) and it looks like I will have to wait until the end of September before I can attend to the small pile of letters. I want to read them all properly and try to respond if I can so please bear with me, it may be a while, but I will get there.

Best wishes,

8th April 2005

Apologies to everyone who has written their letters to me and sent gifts etc. I have a modest pile  to reply to which I will do, I promise, when I have a clear afternoon to give my full attention to reading the letters.

I hope you enjoy Malice Aforethought over the weekend, I think you will enjoy all the performances especially, Ben, Megan and Lucy (we're very good mates, and keep in touch!) Sorry about the moustache, just wanted to accentuate the 'sneer' of the toe rag that is Bill Chatford!!!

Finally just to say to all the die hard N and S lovers who are gathering for the launch party on 24th, I wish I was able to come along and join you but I am filming 'Golden Hour'. I hope you have a wonderful party, have a drink for me and I hope you enjoy the DVD.

Much Love
Richard x

13th December 2004

I want to thank everyone for the unbelievable response to North and South it is quite overwhelming but warmly received. It was such a huge pleasure to make and I am thrilled that it has given you pleasure to watch. Although it seemed like endless doom and gloom we managed to have a lot of laughs during filming...there is a catalogue of outtakes which are hilarious which will no doubt find it's way up Aunties Bloomers!!

I am amazed at the way in which you have all picked up on the very fine details we were all working towards, even subliminal moments which I though were secret and would pass unnoticed have been observed. Thank you.

I am taking Danni out for a pie and a pint before Christmas to congratulate her on her amazing performance, I miss her and it will be great to catch up.

I will try to keep you posted on future projects...Malice a Forethought is likely to be released early next year. I play along side Lucy Brown (aka Anne Latiner) Bill Chatford is a cruel misogynist who lays into his unfortunate wife, it's set in the late 20's so there are lots of Enid Blyton type bicycling picnics in wrinkly stockings (not me obviously!) and croquet on the lawn in funny hats!! Hilarious.

So, I want to wish you all a merry Christmas, I will eventually read all your comments but thanks for your support and commitment.

Love Richard x


Finally, the large volume of messages about North and South on the main BBC Drama website messageboard when the programme was first shown in Britain led to the BBC opening a special board in December 2004 just for discussions about North and South. It was hugely popular, and the lively and intelligent discussions about the drama, the novel, John Thornton, Richard Armitage, Victorian society and much else are remembered with great affection by its former members.

But in February 2005, the BBC announced that it was closing all its drama messsageboards, including the North and South board. When Richard Armitage heard about this, he logged on to the board and posted the following message:

A Big Thankyou - RA - 1st post - 24 Feb 2005 11:42

Hi there to everyone, I am a first timer on this board as I understand this is the last day of posting! I just wanted to say thankyou to everyone who enjoyed North and South and expressed that in letters and contributions to this board and others. Those contributions have made North and South the success that it was, and still is! I also want to congratulate you all for your persistance with the DVD release. I am sorry that the messageboard is to be no longer, I think you 'blew the system'!!! Only kidding I am sure you will be provided with an alternative way to express yourselves, I hope so. Finally just to set the record staight on a few things, I don't walk with a limp, nor did I intentionally give John a limp, perhaps it was just a case of big cobbles/thin soled shoes! I love U2, when I said I was not a huge fan, I meant I was a fan but not a huge one!! As for the nose and crooked teeth , they were prosthetic additions to the character, I am actually Brad Pitt in the flesh!!?? Much love and warmest thanks for all your support and enthusiasm. It has been an unforgettable adventure, I look forward to the next one. Richard XXX

The scale of the response to this message crashed the board...

[Several of the discussions on the BBC North and South messageboard have been archived at C19 in a special section of The Archive.]


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