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Episode 5 - Let the Games Commence

Gisborne is back.
Watching his men drilling.
The Sheriff comes to find out what Gisborne is doing.
"I will not have need of you - ever again," Gisborne tells his former master.
Chasing outlaws.
Robin is cornered.
He's furious that she stopped him killing Robin Hood.
She tries to persuade him that he can trust her.
He agrees to let her stay in Nottingham.
Robin comes to Gisborne's camp to surrender.
Robin is making demands. Gisborne considers them...
"Kill him!"
His men routed by Robin Hood, Gisborne prepares to return to Nottingham Castle.
Isabella wants to know why he gave her in marriage to Squire Thornton at the age of thirteen.
"Because he offered a fair price for you."
"Do you still require my protection?"
Defeated and humiliated, Gisborne arrives back at the castle with his sister...
...and has to endure the Sheriff berating him yet again for his incompetence.


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