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Episode 9 - A Dangerous Deal

Guy languishes in the dungeon, waiting to be executed. Meg is brought in.

Meg: I hope you go to hell!
Guy: I'm already there...

"Give me strength." Guy considers death preferable to Meg's whining.
"I found her a husband."
"Are you scared?" asks Meg.
"Is your life really that empty that you don't care whether you live or die?"
Guy takes the maggot-ridden bread that Meg has thrown down in disgust, and gently brushes off the maggots.
He hands it back to her. "Here... keep your strength up."
"There must be some good in you yet," she says. He shakes his head sadly. "You don't know me."
Isabella comes to the dungeon to release Meg. But Meg pleads for Guy to be released too. Isabella refuses. "My brother will get what he deserves." She takes Meg away, leaving Guy alone in the dungeon.
Meg returns to the dungeon with some food for Guy. "Thank you... but no."
She begs him to eat - it's the least she can do. "You've done more than enough," he tells her. "You've made me think... About someone I used to know. She saw good where there was none. She made me a better man."

"What happened?" she asks him.
"I destroyed her... I destroyed everything."

Later, Meg steals Isabella's keys and comes to free Guy. "I can't let her kill you," she tells him. "You'd do this for me...?" he replies.
"Thank you..."
But Isabella has followed Meg to the dungeon.
Guy and Meg try to flee but are quickly captured by the guards. Guy tries to save Meg by claiming that she didn't know what she was doing...
...but Isabella says that both of them will be executed.
The next day, they're led out to the castle courtyard to be executed.
Meg is scared, but Guy reassures her. "When it comes, it'll be very quick."
They await their fate.
Isaballa pronounces sentence.
Guy uses his final words to plead for Meg's life. "Very well, Isabella, you win. Kill me if you must, but not her. I'll do whatever you want... but don't take her life."
But Isabella orders the execution to proceed.
Robin Hood intervenes, and in the ensuing chaos, Guy and Meg make their escape. But a guard lunges at Guy with a pikestaff, and as Meg steps in front of him, she is stabbed in the stomach. Guy scoops her up in his arms.
"Let's just rest here for a while."
He sets her down gently.
"Kiss me," she asks him. He demurs. "Please..."
He closes her eyes...
...and weeps for her.
And maybe for Marian too...


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