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Spooks series 7 : Pictures

Episode 1 - New Allegiances

Richard Armitage in Spooks
Lucas North is brought back to London from Russia and swapped with a Russian spy.
Richard Armitage as Lucas North in Spooks
Walking to freedom.
"Hello, Harry."
A craving for fish and chips.
Meeting Adam back at Thames House - with chips.
Back on the Grid, meeting Connie.
Malcolm can't hide his shock at Lucas's appearance.
Lucas wants to help find the missing soldier.
Getting cleaned up...
"While I live, I hope."
Lucas explains to Harry the culture of tattooing in Russian prisons...
"How did you get me back, Harry?"
"Where do I go? You want me to go and watch pay-per-view in a Holiday Inn and catch up on eight years of Coronation Street?"
He asks after his ex-wife. Harry says little.
Back at work...
With Adam, tracking down the kidnappers.
Lucas has an idea.
Tricking the terrorists.
Lucas in action.
Enduring more of Adam's driving...
At the Remembrance Day ceremony.
Chasing agent "Tranquillity".
Trying to get the code from her to defuse the bomb.
"Adam Carter is dead."


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