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Episode 2 - Split Loyalties

Richard Armitage in Spooks
Alone in an MI5 safehouse, Lucas North is unable to sleep.
After eight years in a Russian prison, he can only sleep on the floor...
He moves into a flat, and is welcomed by a neighbour bearing macaroons.
Watching his ex-wife with her child in a London park.
Talking to Harry Pearce of MI5.
Talking to Arkady Kachimov of the FSB.
He's told he'll meet his new Russian handler soon.
Talking to Malcolm on the Grid...
... and eating doughnuts.
Harry and Ros ask Lucas what he knows about Kachimov...
Lucas tries to persuade Harry to let him return to work...
...but Harry won't allow it.

"You're home. Take the time, enjoy it," says Harry.
"No matter where you live, it's where people understand you. If I don't have trust from MI5, from you... then I'll never really be home," says Lucas.

Lucas hangs up pictures in his new home - William Blake's The Ancient of Days (which is tattooed on his chest) and The Great Red Dragon and the Woman Clothed in Sun. His ex-wife later explains to Kachimov that Lucas is fascinated with Blake because "[he] was a visionary. He distrusted systems. Lucas is the same".
Lucas receives instructions from the Russians to meet his new handler at Highgate Cemetery.
Waiting for the unknown handler.
It's Elizabeta, his ex-wife.
"I thought of you, all that time. Eight years. I thought of nothing but you."
She wants him to find out how much MI5 knows about the Russian submarine lurking in British waters.
Lucas prepares to try and remember what he saw on Malcolm's computer screen about the submarine.
It's done.
Now he must take the information to Elizabeta.
He hands over the information.
But he's uneasy at betraying his country. She reassures him. "MI5 never helped you, you owe them nothing. You gave them all those years of solitude and darkness. In comparison, this... this little bit of information... it's nothing."
Another time, another place, another bench...
Lucas recovers after being tasered by Ros and brought to the Grid. She saw him handing over the information to Elizabeta.
Explaining to Harry and Ros that he's a double agent - he knew the Russians already had the information he gave them and were testing him.
His plan is to turn Kachimov. "I know you want him, Harry. Well so do I."
Harry decides to trust him. Ros explains that they need Lucas to get the submarine's remote access protocols so that Malcolm can foil its planned cyber-attack on the UK. The codes are in the Russian Embassy.
Lucas confronts Kachimov.
He places Kachimov in an impossible position.
Kachimov spent years trying to turn Lucas, but now his former prisoner has turned him. Lucas has won, and Kachimov knows it.
Kachimov takes Lucas into the Russian Embassy.
Watched by Lucas, he downloads the submarine codes onto a CD.
Once outside the embassy, Lucas shows him to a waiting car...
...where Lucas uploads the codes to Malcolm.
Lucas visits his old house, now Elizabeta's. She still thinks he's working for the FSB.
"I'm MI5. I was MI5 when we married, MI5 all those years in prison and I'm MI5 now.
MI5 can frame her, make it look as if she and Kachimov were working for them. But he can protect her if she'll agree to work for MI5.
"If you don't let me do this, they will take everything away from you. This life, this happiness, it will all be gone. I know what that's like. And there are no words to describe how terrible it is."
She hears her husband return. Lucas is gone.


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