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Episode 7 - The Mole

Late at night, Harry realises that he's being framed as the MI5 mole and is about to be arrested. He calls Lucas. "Look in your bedside drawer."
He asks Lucas to go to Moscow to meet a contact of his, Maria Korachevsky, who should have information that will expose the real mole.
The envelope hidden in his bedside drawer contains a ring.
Arriving in Moscow.
He phones Ros.
But she's not there. Connie answers. She asks him where he is.
He's wary of telling her. "I'm on a little antiques buying jaunt."
On his way to Maria's apartment.
He lets himself in and waits for her. As she arrives, he motions her to be quiet.
He shows her the ring that Harry had hidden in his bedside drawer.
She turns on the radio to mask their conversation.
He gives her the ring. "Harry asked me to apologise for not being in touch. He said he hoped you'd understand."
"When you love somebody, everything is understood," she replies.
"They are looking for you," she tells him. She's hidden a package containing the information he needs at the Bedouin Bar.
"It won't take them long to notice what you've done," he warns her, as he leaves.
Lucas on his way to the Bedouin Bar.
He is approached by one of the lap dancers.
She warns him that the FSB knows he is here - she has overheard the leather-jacketed FSB man in the corner of the bar call for backup.
She tells him where to find the package of information that Maria has hidden in the kitchen.
And she tells him how he can get out of building without being seen.
He goes into the kitchen.
Looking for the package...
He finds it... and discovers the identity of the mole.
He phones the Grid - but Dalby answers.
He phones Ben. "Connie is the mole!"
The FSB man comes into the kitchen. Lucas kills him...
...and makes his escape.
On the plane back to London, he looks at the microfilm that was also in the package. He'll have to wait until he's back on the Grid before he can read it.


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