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Episode 8 - Nuclear Strike

Deciphering the microfilm he has brought back from Moscow...
"We have a serious problem," he tells Harry.
They brief the rest of the section on what Lucas has found on the microfilm - information about a Russian operation called Tiresias, a network of sleeper agents in the UK.
The sleeper agents have infiltrated all areas of government, the police, armed forces, civil service, MI5 and MI6. They will wake on a signal and cripple the United Kingdom. The information Lucas has brought back says that Tiresias will wake at 3pm that same day.
"What kind of attack can we anticipate?" asks Jo. "We don't know, but we're about to find out," replies Lucas.

They interrogate Connie in an MI5 safe-house. They need her to tell them more about the planned Tiresias attack.

"I spent eight years in a Russian cell. Eight years... because I stayed loyal to my country. I still chew it over, when I'm lying awake at 3am wondering was it worth it. But yes, it was. Because I look at you with all your brilliance, and all your treachery, and I see everything I've ever fought against."

"I'm offering you a simple choice. Help us... or don't."
"Have you checked the numbers stations?" Connie asks. Harry calls Malcolm to find out. Malcolm picks up some codewords which Connie recognises - a nuclear bomb will be detonated somewhere in London. She's hidden information about Tiresias in a locker at London Bridge station that should enable her to decipher the other codewords that Malcolm has heard, and find out where the bomb will be.
Leaving the safe house.
Lucas notices a man talking on a phone further down the street. "He's talking Russian." FSB gunmen are after them.
A gun battle ensues as Lucas, Harry, Ros and Connie try to get away.
Lucas and Harry meet in an alley near Liverpool Street station. Lucas tells Harry he should go back to the Grid, so he can act on the information that Connie has hidden at London Bridge station, once they've retrieved it.
"We'll be fine," he reassures Harry, "All we need to do is cross London. How hard can that be?"
Lucas breaks into a nearby car to look for anything that would be useful on their journey...
...ever watchful for FSB gunmen.
Returning to rendezvous with Ros and Connie.
As they cross the road to Liverpool Street station, Lucas is shot by one of the FSB marksmen.
They go into the station, and down into the disused tunnels of the London Underground.
Ros asks about his injury. "It's fine. It missed all the important stuff. I'll live."
They pause for breath in one of the tunnels. Connie protests that she never wanted a nuclear bomb in London. "Whatever you’ve done for this country, Connie, it’s gone," says Lucas. "And what's lost can never be found."
They hear a gunshot. "What would you do if you were them?" asks Lucas. "Send in a runner," replies Ros. "So would I."
The runner is catching up with them.
Lucas stops to set up a trip wire to catch the runner.
Later, at London Bridge station, Lucas has drawn off the chasing FSB agents, leaving Connie and Ros to get to the locker where Connie has hidden her information about Tiresias. At the top of some disused escalators, he single-handedly holds off half a dozen gunmen.
But he's trapped. There's no way out.
His gun is jammed. But he bluffs as the FSB agents come for him.
"Your gun's jammed," says the FSB man. Lucas realises the game is up, and waits to die.
A new order comes through for the FSB officers. "Stop! Stand down!"
"It's your lucky day," says the FSB man.
Connie has retrieved her Tiresias information. Ros searches it. "The bomber's name is Walter Crane. The bomb is at Grosvenor Square."
"Wait," says Connie. She points out that there's no time to send in the Broken Arrow unit to defuse the bomb. "Bring it to me. I'll do it."
The bomb is fetched from Grosvenor Square. Lucas carries it underground for Connie to defuse.
As he and Ros leave, Connie calls after him. "3am, when you can't sleep and the nightmares come, who do you blame for what happened to you?"
"I blame Harry."
"Then it's time to let it go. It wasn't Harry's fault."
"Who was it, Connie? Who sold me out?"

And she tells him...
Back on the surface afterwards, Lucas and the FSB officers acknowledge the part they each played in saving the day.
Left alone with Ros, the strain of finding out who betrayed him suddenly hits him.
He looks at the people passing by. "They'll never know," he says.
"No," she says. "And that's a good thing Lucas, you know it is."
He nods. "I need to talk to Harry."
"Harry?" But there's no reply.
"Has anyone made contact with him?"


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