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Macbeth : Production details and DVDs

Shakespeare Retold: Macbeth was first broadcast on BBC One on 14th November 2005.

Joe Macbeth - James McAvoy
Ella Macbeth - Keeley Hawes
Billy Banquo - Joseph Millson
Peter Macduff - Richard Armitage
Duncan Docherty - Vincent Regan
Malcolm Docherty - Toby Kebbell
Jonny Boy - Gregory Chisholm
Roddy Maloney - Barry Ward
Maurice -Richard Ridings
Barry - Ralph Ineson
Andy - Charles Abomeli
Fiona Macduff - Jo-Anne Stockham

Writer - Peter Moffat
Director - Mark Brozel
Producer - Pier Wilkie
Executive Producer - Laura Mackie, Patrick Spence
Original music - Kevin Sargent
Cinematography - Nic Knowland

‘Shakespeare Retold’, containing all four dramas in the series, is available on Region 2 DVD from Amazon UK and the BBC Shop. It's available as an import at Amazon Germany and Amazon France. Nb This DVD is also described in some places as 'All Regions'. The DVD itself doesn't say which region it is.

A Region 2 DVD of Macbeth is also available in France - it's available at Amazon France.

Region 1 DVD of the series is available from Amazon USA and from Amazon Canada.

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