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Marie Lloyd : Video clips

Some excerpts from Miss Marie Lloyd: Queen of the Music Hall.

"And you think I'm the type of girl who will fall for a single rose?"

Percy Courtenay (Richard Armitage) has seen a young singer called Bella Delamare (Jessie Wallace) at the music hall, and invited her to supper. Belafonte, the manager of the music hall, is played by Angus Barnett.

Video clip of Richard Armitage in 'Marie Llloyd - Queen of the Music Hall'
Video clip of Richard Armitage in 'Marie Llloyd - Queen of the Music Hall'


Percy is initially warm and generous towards Marie and guides her career. He persuades Belafonte to give her a regular spot in his music hall and buys her some songs for her act. In this excerpt, the reviews for her new act are in.

Video clip of Richard Armitage and Jessie Wallace in 'Miss Marie Lloyd - Queen of the Music Hall'

"Just one last song."

Although the marriage is initially happy, the successful career that Percy helped Marie to create ultimately undermines it. She is spending too much time with her music hall friends for his liking and at this point, his true character shows itself. This excerpt contains the scene that Richard Armitage mentioned as having been the first scene he and Jessie Wallace filmed together, a difficult beginning. (The Showman, an invented character, is played by Shaun Parkes.)

"The name is Courtenay."

The violence in the previous excerpt is the only such incident shown in the dramatisation, although in reality Percy continued to be violent towards Marie even after they were separated. This scene shows how his status as an Edwardian gentleman was undermined by her success. By this point he was relying on her for money, a state of affairs that was extremely difficult for a man of his time to bear.


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