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Miss Marple : Video clips

"Calling the police"

This scene from the night of the murder shows Kirsten Lindstrom (Alison Steadman) discovering Rachel's body. We also see Philip Durrant's (Richard Armitage) philandering, in this case with his sister-in-law, Hester (Stephanie Leonidas).

Richard Armitage in Miss Marple: Ordeal by Innocence


"At Dinner"

After Dr Calgary has come to Sunny Point to prove that Jacko could not have killed his mother, the family discuss who might have killed her. The tensions within the family, and their true feelings about their adoptive mother, become clear.

Richard Armitage and cast in Miss Marple, Ordeal by Innocence


"You have ice in your heart."

These two scenes neatly show the state of the relationship between Philip and Mary (Lisa Stansfield). A former RAF pilot now crippled by polio, he is resentful of the fact that he is now dependent on his wife, both financially and physically. In the novel, Christie made Philip a much more sympathetic character than he appears in the dramatisation.

Richard Armitage in Ordeal by Innocence
Richard Armitage in Miss Marple, Ordeal by Innocence


"We should stop being treated like children!"

This scene between Philip and his brother-in-law Bobby (Tom Riley) further illustrates Philip's character, a 'bag of badness', as Kirsten earlier described him.

Richard Armitage in Ordeal by Innocence


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