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Episode 12 - A Good Day to Die and
Episode 13 - We are Robin Hood

Richard Armitage as Guy of Gisborne in Robin Hood
Marian inadvertently betrays the fact that she knows it is Robin Hood's birthday. "Marian, apart from your escapades as the Nightwatchman, is there anything else that you'd like to tell me?"
He tells her that he is going away. He will not say where. "But when I return, things will be different. Better. For me. Better for us."
"Marian, I will not be here to supervise you, I must have your assurance that the Nightwatchman is finished." She gives him her word.
Gisborne and the Sheriff watch Allan supervising preparations for the journey to the Holy Land. Gisborne has only told Allan that they are going to Portsmouth.
Realising that Gisborne and the Sheriff are about to go to the Holy Land to kill the king, Marian knocks out Allan, steals his sword, and goes to the Sheriff to kill him. But he is too quick for her, and overpowers her.
Gisborne and Allan arrive to find Marian tied up. "You missed all the fun, Gisborne," says the Sheriff, "your leper friend tried to kill me."
Gisborne explains that she knocked Allan out and took his sword.
"What??" asks the Sheriff. Allan tries to defend himself: "Well I wasn't expecting it, was I? Or it wouldn't have happened. Yeah, she's good, but I'm better though."
Everyone in the room realises that he's said too much...
...including the Sheriff. "She's good, but I'm better," he repeats. "That means, you knew she was capable of this."
"You knew too, didn't you?" he asks Gisborne.
The Sheriff is furious. "My lord please, I can explain," says Gisborne. "I recently discovered that Marian was the Nightwatchman."
"What?? And you didn't tell me??"
"I believed Marian's days as the Nightwatchman were over, I believed I had dealt with it," Gisborne hastens to explain.
"By tricking me? By faking her escape??" screams the Sheriff. "Who was it who ran away?" Gisborne admits that it was Allan, under his orders. "Why??" asks the Sheriff.
"Because I thought Marian's charitable instincts were misguided - I did not think they merited hanging."
"Oh, how very noble of you, dear boy," mocks the Sheriff, "although I can't help thinking that maybe you wanted a little something in return, huh? A display of gratitude?" He orders that a trunk be packed for Marian - she is to accompany them to the Holy Land.
"The Holy Land?" asks Allan. "Is this what I think it is? Are we killing the king?" "You're part of the inner sanctum now Allan, you should be honoured," replies Gisborne.
"This is the ultimate mission and caries with it the ultimate prize - absolute power."
"Yeah, for you and the Sheriff," says Allan.
"And you, Allan. Your loyalty will be rewarded with land and title, I'll see to that," replies Gisborne.
In the coach on the road to Portsmouth, Marian asks the Sheriff if he is really going to the Holy Land.
"Yes. I've never been before. Have you? They say the weather's wonderful."
"Guy's been before," he adds nonchalently. "Haven't you Gizzy?"
"You've been before? Then it's true - you tried to kill the king."
"What? Feel betrayed?" sneers Gisborne.
At the inn that night, Gisborne chains Marian up in the stable. She tells the Sheriff that Robin will stop his plan to kill the king - but the Sheriff explains that Robin is currently surrounded in Nettlestone by 100 of his fiercest men.
Later, Gisborne asks Allan, "Tell me - Robin Hood and Marian, they're still... aren't they?"
"Even if they were, he's finished now," replies Allan.
"That's not an answer, Allan. I need to know."
But they are interrupted by the Sheriff.
Guy is sleeping.
The Sheriff wakes him. Allan has run away to save Robin. Gisborne says he will find him. "No, let him go. We don't need him. It's better this way - just us."
The travellers have reached the coast.
The Sheriff taunts Gisborne and Marian. "Come along, give Gizzy a little kiss."
In the Holy Land, Marian is still a prisoner. Guy brings her food. "You should eat."
"Guy, listen to me. Now that Robin is dead, you are the king's last chance..."
"...If you save him from this plot, he will reward you, with position and wealth. You'll have everything you wanted."
"And saving him from this plot - how would that work?"
"Kill the Sheriff. The king will reward you. And I will reward you."
"If you save the king, I will willingly give you my hand."
Gisborne goes to the Sheriff. "How's our leper friend?" asks the Sheriff. "Whinging as usual," replies Gisborne.
The Sheriff's man brings news that Robin Hood has been seen in Acre. "Robin Hood? Not possible," says Gisborne.
But it's true. "Not a problem," says the Sheriff. "How so?" asks Gisborne.
The Sheriff explains they will add a new twist to their plot, one that will get the king to kill Robin and his men.
"Have you thought about what I said?" Marian asks Gisborne. "You are a decent man Guy, you are not a killer."
The Sheriff is in the next room.
"This is your chance, your last chance to be a good man."
Gisborne goes into the Sheriff's room. "Good chat with Marian?" the Sheriff asks. "Anything you want to tell me?" "No," says Gisborne.
"She wants me to kill you."
"And are you going to?"
"What was her suggestion?"
"I would kill you, she would vouch for you, the king would reward me. I would still win power, and I would also win -"
"But you choose me."
"My lord, I have demonstrated my loyalty, and now I would like your blessing."
"For what?"
"When we return to England, I will take her by force."
"Dear boy! I'll sing at your wedding."
The plotters watch their fake Saladin go to meet King Richard - to kill him.
But "King Richard" is a fake too - it's Robin Hood.
Watched by the plotters, and by Marian, King Richard and Robin's gang...
... the two men fight.
But when Robin needs help, his friends move in, and "Saladin" rides off to the town, pursued by everyone else. The fight continues in the town.
"It's not too late, we can still get the king."
The Sheriff shoots at the king...
...and hits him.
The king lies wounded...
...and Gisborne moves in for the kill.
Marian runs out. "Guy! Stop! It's over!"
"Get out of the way."
"All this time I've been fighting for England. Do you think I'm going to let you kill England?"
"Marian, get out of the way!"
"You'll have to kill me first."
"No. We're going to get out of this. I'm going to do this thing..."
"... and then I will have power beyond measure..."
"...and we will be together."
"I would rather die than be with you, Guy of Gisborne."
"I'm going to marry Robin Hood."
"I love Robin Hood..."
"I love Robin Hood."
He lunges at her with his sword.
"I Robin, take you Marian, to be my wedded wife..."
"I Marian, take you Robin, to be my wedded husband..."


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