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Episode 4 - The Angel of Death

The Sheriff discusses with Joseph of Leicester an experiment to test poison on the people of Nottingham...
...watched by Gisborne.
Marian appeals to the Sheriff and Gisborne on behalf of her father, who is inarcerated in the castle dungeon.
"It's no good making those big eyes at him - he doesn't want you any more," says the Sheriff.
Gisborne oversees the building of the barricades which create a ghetto separating people suffering from the 'pestilence' from the rest of Nottingham. 
Gisborne comes to Marian's room. He wants to apologise for the Sheriff's treatment of her and her father, and promises that Sir Edward will be properly fed while imprisoned in the dungeon...
...but Marian won't let him in.
Gisborne meets Allan, who tells him that he has a letter from Robin addressed to King Richard.  

"Stop him!" Robin escapes from the castle yet again.

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