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Episode 6 - For England...!

Richard Armitage and Keith Allen in BBC Robin Hood
The Sheriff and his sadistic lieutenant united in evil.
Richard Armitage in BBC Robin Hood
But even a sadistic lieutenant can be forgiven a sneer of distaste as a hapless scribe plunges to his death.
Gisborne asks Marian to the celebration of the King's birthday, and offers her a choice of dresses.
But it's actually a celebration of the signing of a document. "This document brings me closer to real power," says Gisborne.
"And that in turn benefits you. Could benefit you. In time."
"You must be the least easily won woman in England."
"Then perhaps nobody will mind if I do not attend."
"Choose a dress!"
"I'm not bein' funny, but your guards... useless!"
"Hood found you out."
Allan wants a job...
"I've lost everything because I helped you, so you owe me," he says.

"I owe you nothing. I paid you."

Guy relents.
Gisborne and the Sheriff think they hear someone in the scribe's room, where the Pact is held...
...but apparently not.
"I was ungrateful earlier. I'm sorry," says Marian.
"I was overbearing," replies Guy.
Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Allan apes his new master's dress sense.
Gisborne and the Sheriff of Winchester understand each other.
As his price for signing the Pact, Lord Winchester wants Sussex, some of Surrey - and Marian. Gisborne protests. The Sheriff insists on keeping Surrey.
Gisborne is ordered to take Marian to Lord Winchester.
"You're leaving," Gisborne tells Marian.
"Winchester wants you."
"Marian, listen to me. You have to run, now! "
"I can't - my father..."
"I will look after your father."
"If the Sheriff knew I was doing this, my own life would be in danger."
"Why do you work for him?"
"I have nobody."
"I choose power. He is my route to position, standing."
"He is mad - you know that."
"No, he is single-minded."
"He does not allow distractions to divert him from his course."
"Distractions? Like a little humanity?"


"Humanity is weakness."
"You don't believe that."
"You must leave this place. This money will secure your passage."
"I've instructed a man on the West Gate to let you out."
But as Gisborne leaves Marian's room, the Sheriff is waiting for him. He knows the game is up.
"As my lieutenant Gisborne, you sit at the right hand of the father. You will share in the fruits of our labour."
"You will be a god amongst men..."
" long as I can trust you."
"Take Lady Marian to Winchester." Gisborne agrees.
"Marian, I'm sorry."
And as she is taken prisoner...
...he walks away.
Gisborne and the Sheriff - dead?
Gisborne saves Marian.

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