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Episode 7 - Show me the money

Richard Armitage as Guy of Gisborne in BBC Robin Hood
Gisborne watches while Allan tells the Sheriff how to keep Robin out of the castle.
The Sheriff is impressed. "Upgrade that young man to leather!"
Gisborne is not impressed.
The Sheriff, the Sheriff's evil henchman, and the evil henchman's henchman.
In the background again, Gisborne watches as the Sheriff's latest wheeze is unveiled. Allan's idea...
It's all gone wrong. Again.
"Like I said to Giz..."
Marian needs a favour.
Gisborne grants it, escorting Marian out of the castle to visit a physician for her sick father.
"Marian, I'm not comfortable with the way the Sheriff has treated your father. Or you." He conveniently forgets who burned down her house...
Allan leads Gisborne into the forest towards Robin's camp.
But Marian has warned Robin...
...arrows start flying...
...and Gisborne is thrown from his horse.
"Marian, there is another side to me," begins Gisborne. But Marian hastily puts a hand on his shoulder to stop him seeing Allan and Robin fighting nearby.
She asks if she can see her father alone.
Gisborne discovers the body of Marian's father.
His first thought is of Marian.
He fetches her...
...and watches helplessly while she weeps for him.
"What happened?" she cries.
She runs off to the castle, but Guy stops her. "This place may not be safe for you now."
He shows her the dagger that her father used to kill his gaoler. It's her dagger.
"When the Sheriff finds out that it was your dagger that killed his gaoler, he will hang you."
"Let me look after you..."
"...protect you."
"I've always cared about you, Marian."
"My feelings for you..."
"...I thought they'd gone away..."
"...but they haven't."
He starts to kiss her... but she pushes him away.
"Forgive me. That was inappropriate."
"But in time...?"
She rushes off...
...leaving him alone.

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