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Episode 8 - Get Carter

Richard Armitage and Keith Allen in BBC Robin Hood
The Sheriff outlines his latest scheme to kill Robin, but Gisborne expresses reservations. "Stop whining Gisborne. If I'd wanted a wife, I'd have found one with better legs."
Gisborne and the Sheriff watch the Sheriff's assassin practising sword-play. He's impressive.
Carter the assassin kneels to kiss the Sheriff's ring.
"Respect, Gisborne, I like it. Why don't you ever kiss my ring?"
The Sheriff tells Gisborne that Marian has sent him a message.
"What message?"
"I'm not coming back, get over it, and for god's sake change your clothes once in a while."
"Very funny."
"She ran away, the minute her Dad died..."
"...Now what does that tell us? It tells me that the crusty one was the only thing keeping her here."
"No. There was something between us."
"No. She's not coming back, Guy. Move on."
"I tell you what," says the Sheriff brightly, "I'll give you a kiss. Will that make you feel better? In fact, if Hood's dead, I'll give you two kisses. Come along... Gizzy, give us a kissy."
"Get off me!"
"Grow up, Gisborne."
"I want Marian," Gisborne tells Allan.

"How am I supposed to find her?" asks Allan. "Ask around..."

"...earn your keep!"
Allan brings back a letter from Marian, who is supposedly in Ripley Convent. She says she wants to be left alone. But Gisborne smells a rat. "This is not right."
"Marian cannot take Holy Orders. She has a life to lead."
"Saddle my horse."
"I don't really do saddlin'," protests Allan. "Do as you're told!" retorts Gisborne.
"Where are we goin' then?" asks Allan.
"Ripley Convent."
"Hang on, doesn't she want to be on her own? Grievin' and..."
"Get my horse!!"
A body is brought into the castle courtyard.
"What's this?" asks Gisborne. "Robin Hood," he is told. "Dead?"
Gisborne decides to make sure...
...but is interrupted by Marian.
She wants to speak to him.
"I received your letter."
Marian asks again to be left alone in the convent. "You seriously expect me to believe that you have given yourself to God?" replies Gisborne.
"Trust me, I haven't given myself to anyone. Not yet"
"Good. Because until you do, I will always believe there is a chance for you and me." "I need to to think," she replies.
"Stop thinking. Come home to me!"
"You burned my home to the ground," she points out.
"Marian, if I could take that back..."
"...if I could show you a side to me that wants to build a home, not burn it down."
"I've seen it," says Marian. "Then why do you reject it?" asks Gisborne.
"Because my father is dead. I need time to grieve."
"What better way to grieve than to create new life?"
"I thought that I might never see you again. I thought I might never..."
"What?" "Kiss you."
But they're interrupted by Allan. The Sheriff needs Gisborne.
As Gisborne leaves, Marian spots Will and Much walking past - and realises she must distract Gisborne.
He is duly distracted...
Still being distracted...
"Guy, I have to go. This was a mistake."
"Marian, this wasn't a mistake. This is the most perfect thing that has ever happened."
"I misled you. I'm sorry," she says.
"You're misleading yourself. I know, I've done it. I told myself I didn't need you, that other things would satisfy me - politics, power."
Marian insists she must get back before she is is missed. "Back to the convent? Marian, no."
"I forbid you to go."
She goes.

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