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Episode 9 - Lardner's Ring

Richard Armitage as Guy of Gisborne in BBC Robin Hood
It's Gisborne's birthday party. Allan tells him a messenger from the king has arrived.
But the messenger has disappeared. Allan is dispatched to find him.
Back at the party, Gisborne and the Sheriff are enjoying the Fool's entertainment.
They enjoy it less when the Fool warns them to "Beware the power of Lardner's ring."
Allan returns, reporting that they found the messenger but that he died uttering the word "Lardner". Gisborne and the Sheriff remember the Fool's warning.
The Sheriff blames Allan and Gisborne for not getting the message or finding out who Lardner is.
Gisborne storms into Locksley, demanding that the villagers tell him who Lardner is.
All the villagers must give up their rings in case one of them belongs to the mysterious Lardner. One old lady has a ring that won't come off and Gisborne threatens to cut off her finger.
But Will and Djaq intervene.
The Sheriff has worked out how one of the Fool's tricks was done - he explains it to Gisborne.
Robin and Marian are up a tree, and Gisborne and the Sheriff have them surrounded.
Gisborne orders his men to form a shield wall so that they can approach the tree, safe from Robin's arrows.
Taunting Robin.
Gisborne prepares to shoot a flaming arrow at the tree...
... but Robin threatens to kill Marian if he does.
"If you harm a single hair on her head I swear I will kill you."
"Now we can see the famous Robin Hood for what he is - a common coward, using an innocent woman as a hostage."
Robin has gone and Marian needs rescuing.
"You're coming home with me."

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