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Spooks series 8 : Pictures

Episode 2

'Liaising' with Sarah Caulfield.
Warning off Matthew Plowden.
"Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs tend to call during office hours."
"Bloody Internet."
Lucas and Ros discuss Harry.
Ros asks Lucas to visit a strip club to observe Urazov.
The strip club.
Lip-reading software analyses the Tazbeks' conversation at the strip club.
Racing to save Plowden.
Too late...
Harry is prepared to sacrifice Bibi Saparova to keep the gas talks going.
Meeting 'Violet Franklin'.
Back at the strip club.
Harry decides.
Planning the hit.
Breaking in Tariq.
At the hotel.
"Send in the clowns."
"Play for time."
Going to the Americans.
'Liaising' with Sarah Caulfield... again.


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