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Spooks series 8 : Video clips


Episode 1

"We have to proceed as if he's alive"

Harry Pearce has been kidnapped by FSB agent Viktor Sarkisian. A video has been released on the Internet that purports to show his execution by a group called SARV. The staff of Section D view it with horror, unsure whether it's genuine. Afterwards, Lucas North (Richard Armitage) and Ros Myers (Hermione Norris) discuss it together.

Richard Armitage as Lucas North in Spooks series 8


"He should count himself lucky"

But then Viktor Sarkisian's body is found. Lucas goes to see it, and meets the new CIA liaison officer in London, Sarah Caulfield (Genevieve O'Reilly).


"Jo said you had something"

Malcolm (Hugh Simon) has been up all night analysing the video of Harry's execution. He's found something.


Episode 2

"Can I have a word?"

An explosion at a gas processing plant puts it out of action. To avert an energy crisis, the government enters into secret negotiations with Tazbekstan to buy its gas. An investigative journalist, Matthew Plowden (Richard McCabe), has found out about the talks and is appalled at the fact that the UK is prepared to deal with a country with such a poor human rights record. He's intending to expose the secret negotiations, but Lucas tries to warn him off interfering.


"You might want to take a look at this"

Tariq (Shazad Latif) has found something that might help Lucas work out what the Tazbeks are planning next.


"You fed the journalist"

With Tariq's help, Lucas has found out who told Matthew Plowden about the government's attempts to negotiate with Tazbekstan - an internet user with the pseudonym 'Violet Franklin', posting from the American Embassy. Lucas knows exactly who she is and goes to confront her.



A short scene from the end of the episode between Lucas and Sarah. They meet by Tower Bridge.


Episode 3

"Tell me about this lift"

A group of terrorists has taken the members of the powerful Bendorf group hostage and are holding them in a mansion in London. Lucas and Jo (Miranda Raison) arrive but there's no-one to be seen. Back on the Grid, Tariq and Ruth (Nicola Walker) have found plans of the building.


"My name's Simon Rose"

Tariq has found the number of a phone in the bunker where the hostages are being held. Lucas tries to call it. Eventually, the leader of the hostage-takers, Finn Lambert (Pascal Langdale), answers.


"Who the hell are you?"

** Spoiler warning **   This scene occurs late in the episode, and inevitably gives away some details of the latter stages of the plot.

Lucas has been sent to find Vadim Robinov (Owen McDonnell) in the hope of getting information that could end the siege. Time is running out, and violence is the most persuasive option.


Episode 4

"You have to trust me"

Oleg Darshavin (Emil Hostina), the man who tortured Lucas North for four years in a Russian jail, has come to London. He tells Lucas that a Sudanese man he was interrogating has revealed the details of a Sudanese terrorist plot to attack London. In return for a British passport and one million dollars, he will give Lucas the details of the attack.

Lucas agrees to meet him again, and having given his MI5 tail the slip, he directs Oleg to his own flat. This clip shows the first part of a long and intense scene in his flat.

"Take off your shirt"

The scene continues. As soon as Oleg has left the flat, Lucas turns on Sarah.

"Lucas... no"

Lucas is left alone in the flat. A memory from the past resurfaces.


Episode 5


Lucas and Sarah attend the funeral of her boss, Samuel Walker. It's been announced that Walker committed suicide, but in this pre-title scene, Sarah gives a different explanation for his death. At this point the viewer, but not Lucas, knows that neither version of events is correct.


"Got any coffee?"

Another CIA officer has died suddenly. Sarah visits Lucas at his flat early in the morning to discuss it.


"Got a package for you, mate"

Section D is trying to find out more about Walker's death. Lucas, posing as a courier, attempts to deliver a package to the CIA building where he died. But the package isn't quite what it seems.


Episode 6

"48 million dollars"

MI5 is trying to get information about wrong-doing at DeWit's bank. Lucas goes to visit the chief executive, Irvine Perrot (Richard Durden), posing as a wealthy Russian who has 48 million dollars deposited at the bank. Tariq needs him to plant a bug that can capture data from the bank's computer.


Episode 7


Ashok Veerkal (Ashley Kumar) is a 17 year old asset being run by the Pakistani intelligence service. He's a Muslim who has infiltrated a group of Hindus, led by Harish Dhillon, who are planning to attack Muslims in London. But then his Pakistani handler is murdered, and the head of Pakistani intelligence in London comes to MI5. Section D needs to find out about the planned attack. Lucas arranges to meet Ashok by the London Eye and persuade him to work for MI5. At this point, Ashok doesn't know that his Pakistani handler is dead.


Episode 8

"You look surprised to see me"

Pakistan has captured an Indian submarine, and the Indians threaten to retaliate if it isn't returned within 7 days. Section D suspects that the millionaire Hans Lindemann is behind the Basel meeting. Lucas and Ros go to his HQ to plant bugs in order to find out more about him.


"Back off, Ros"

Back on the Grid, Ros and Lucas discuss what happened at Lindemann's.


"I didn't expect to see you so soon"

Sarah has assumed a new identity, but Tariq manages to track her down. Lucas goes to meet her.


"You brought my grapes?"

** Spoiler warning ** In this scene we learn what Sarah's motivation has been for her actions throughout the series.

The injured Sarah is in hospital. Lucas goes to see her - he needs information from her that will help stop the escalating crisis between India and Pakistan.



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