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Strike Back Project Dawn : Video clips

Trailers etc

Three trailers for the series can be seen at the Cinemax site.

The Sky website has a behind-the-scenes video which includes interviews with the cast.


Video clips

Episode 1

"To the imperialist powers of the West..."

John Porter (Richard Armitage) has been captured by Pakistani terrorist Latif and is being held in Lahore. Back in London at Section 20, Col Eleanor Grant (Amanda Mealing) watches a live broadcast of him reading a statement prepared by his captors, while Section 20 officers, led by Sgt Michael Stonebridge (Philip Winchester), mount a rescue attempt on the building where they believe he is being held.


"Colonel... it's Porter"

The rescue attempt has failed. Some time later, another statement by Porter is broadcast live on the terrorists' website. Section 20 attempt to locate him as they watch the statement.


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