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Strike Back : Video clips


A one minute long trailer broadcast on Sky1. And a slightly different version.

A 90 second long trailer on the Sky Media website.

A trailer for episodes 3 and 4.

A trailer for episodes 5 and 6.


Episodes 1 and 2

"It's the kid, isn't it?"

Iraq, 2003: John Porter (Richard Armitage) and his colleagues have rescued hostage Kenneth Brattan, but two men have died and one is seriously injured. Afterwards, Porter and Hugh Collinson (Andrew Lincoln) are debriefed.



Back in the UK, Porter is visited in hospital by his wife and daughter. He in turn visits his injured colleague, for whose injuries he feels responsible.


"No defence"

Porter feels he has no choice but to resign from the army.


"I'm going to get another job"

As his family prepare to leave their army house, Porter has to find another job. He goes to see Brattan, the businessman whom he helped to rescue in Iraq.


"It's your dad"

Seven years later, Porter is living away from his family, working as a security guard at the MI6 building in London. In Iraq, journalist Katie Dartmouth has been taken hostage. A photo of one of her abductors seems familiar to Porter.


"It's him, isn't it?"

Porter is sure that he knows who the man in Katie Dartmouth's photo of one of her abductors is - the young boy, who, seven years earlier, he should have shot dead in the earlier hostage rescue. Aware that his former colleague Hugh Collinson is now at MI6, he goes to see him. He is convinced there is a link between the abductors of Dartmouth and Brattan, and asks to be allowed to go to the place where Brattan was held, guessing that Dartmouth might also be held there.


"Don't be frightened"

Porter has been reactivated and sent to Iraq. Working on his own, he's made contact with Katie Dartmouth's kidnappers, is taken prisoner by them and is thrown into the same cell as Katie (Orla Brady).


Episodes 3 and 4

"So you want me to break him out of prison"

Felix Masuku is in jail in Zimbawe, awaiting trial for attempting to assassinate President Robert Mugabe. In the offices of MI6's Section 20 in London, Hugh Collinson and Layla Thomson (Johdi May) brief John Porter for his mission - to free Masuku from prison.


"Time is of the essence"

Undercover in Zimbabwe as a diamond smuggler, Porter has managed to get himself arrested and put into the same jail as Masuku. Layla, posing as a South African government official seeking to extradite him to South Africa, visits him. This scene shows their coded conversation about Porter's plan to break out of the prison with Masuku.


"You're coming with me"

Porter attempts to escape from the prison with Masuku (Shaun Parkes).


"This way"

Porter and Masuku are on the run, pursued by Zimbabwean forces.


"Lie still"

The two fugitives have met a nun looking after a group of children. Porter has been injured and passes out when his wound is treated. When he regains consciousness, the nun is caring for him.


Episodes 5 and 6

"The Governor is not interested"

In Afghanistan, a British attempt to save a group of American soldiers from a Taliban attack has failed. An investigation finds that the codes of the missile fired by the British at the Taliban were hacked to send it off course. To find out who was responsible Porter is sent to Afghanistan, posing as Tom Wallace, an arms dealer. In this scene, he negotiates with the local Governor, who is supported by Zahir Sharq (Alexander Siddig).


"So what you got?"

Porter is taken by Sharq's men to meet Gerald Baxter (Ewan Bremner), the British man suspected by MI6 of sending the missile off-course. A former missile guidance engineer, he served in Iraq but was discharged suffering from PTSD. He's now working with Sharq.


"My name is John Porter"

Porter and Baxter are now held by the Americans, who don't seem interested in the fact that Porter is working for British intelligence.


"That was just like a movie!"

Things are not looking good for Porter and Baxter as the Americans take them out into the desert...


"I am a rock"

Porter and Baxter are on the run from the Americans, who have now tracked them down. Baxter is carrying a drawing made by his young daughter, whom he fears he will never see again.


"Got kids Tommy?"

Now on the run from almost everyone, the two men find themselves in the middle of a minefield.



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