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George Gently : Production details and DVDs

'George Gently: Gently Go Man' was first broadcast as a single 90 minute drama on 8th April 2007 on BBC One. It was a pilot, and was followed a year later by two further dramas featuring George Gently and John Bacchus. These three dramas are now known as 'George Gently series 1' . A second series of four dramas was shown in 2009.


George Gently Martin Shaw
John Bacchus Lee Ingleby
Lawrie Elton Shaun Evans
Billy Lister Christian Cooke
Joe Webster Phil Davis
Ricky Deeming Richard Armitage
Mrs Lister Claire Rushbrook
Setters Owen Roe
Shirley Suzy Lawlor
China Sean McGinley
Roberto Alvaro Lucchesi
Corby Mark Lambert
Writer Peter Flannery
Director Euros Lyn
Producer Jake Lushington

George Gently was produced by Company Pictures for the BBC.

A Region 1 DVD has been released in North America - it's available at Amazon USA and Amazon Canada.

In the UK, a Region 2 DVD can be ordered at Amazon UK.

In Germany, a Region 2 DVD with German and English soundtracks is available. It can be ordered at Amazon Germany.

In The Netherlands, a Region 2 DVD in English with Dutch subtitles is available. It can be ordered at BOL.


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