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George Gently : Video clips

Some excerpts from George Gently

"The Ceremony"

Billy Lister (Christian Cooke) is initiated into the Durham Defenders biker gang by its leader, Ricky Deeming (Richard Armitage). Ricky Deeming is a charismatic figure to the members of the gang, almost a messiah figure. The baptismal echoes of this scene contrast with the crucifixion imagery of a later scene.

"Are you still flamboyant?"

DS John Bacchus (Lee Ingleby) is investigating the murder of Billy Lister with George Gently. He goes to see Ricky Deeming, whom he assumes is homosexual because of his close relationship with Billy. (A later scene shows how Bacchus' attitudes to homosexuality are typical of the time, in contrast to the more tolerant view of George Gently. Ricky's sexuality is deliberately left ambiguous.)

Richard Armitage in George Gently


Ricky Deeming is suspected of murder and is interrogated at the police station by George Gently (Martin Shaw) and John Bacchus. This scene neatly contrasts the reaction of the two detectives to Ricky's unorthodox views on society.


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