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Richard Armitage as John Thornton in North and South
“If Mr. Thornton was a fool in the morning, as he assured himself at least twenty times he was, he did not grow much wiser in the afternoon. All that he gained … was a more vivid conviction that there never was, never could be, any one like Margaret; that she did not love him and never would; but that she - no! nor the whole world - should never hinder him from loving her.” (Elizabeth Gaskell, N&S Chapter 26)
Richard Armitage as John Thornton in North and South
“No-one loves me.  No-one cares for me but you.” (John Thornton)

“She does not care for me and that is enough.  The only thing you can do for me is never say her name again.  We will not talk of her again.” (John Thornton)
“I have presumed to know you once before and have been mistaken.” (John Thornton)

“What a scowl that man has!” (Frederick Hale)

“ … there was selfishness enough in him to have taken pleasure in the idea that his great love might come in to comfort and console her; much the same kind of strange passionate pleasure which comes stinging through a mother's heart, when her drooping infant nestles close to her, and is dependent upon her for everything.  But this delicious vision of what might have been - in which, in spite of all Margaret's repulse, he would have indulged only a few days ago--was miserably disturbed by the recollection of what he had seen near the Outwood station.” (Elizabeth Gaskell, N&S, Chapter 33)
"There should be no inquest. He would save Margaret. He would take the responsibility of preventing the inquest … Miss Hale might love another - was indifferent and contemptuous to him - but he would yet do her faithful acts of service of which she should never know.” (Elizabeth Gaskell, N&S Chapter 35)
“He was haunted by the remembrance of the handsome young man, with whom she stood in an attitude of such familiar confidence; and the remembrance shot through him like an agony, till it made him clench his hands tight in order to subdue the pain.” (Elizabeth Gaskell, N&S Chapter 33)
“I hope you realise that any foolish passion for you on my part is entirely over.  I’m looking to the future.”
(John Thornton)
“I surely am mistress enough of myself to control this wild, strange, miserable feeling, which tempted me even to betray my own dear Frederick, so that I might but regain his good opinion - the good opinion of a man who takes such pains to tell me that I am nothing to him.” (Elizabeth Gaskell, N&S Chapter 39)




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