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The Impressionists : Pictures (episode 1)

Richard Armitage in The Impressionists

I want reality! I've just seen the future and d'you know something? You're not in it!
( Claude Monet to Charles Gleyre)

Make sure that I look really ill. Use cobalt blue and cadmium orange for the bruise.
(Monet to Bazille)

I'm afraid I'm going to keep you standing there for quite some time.
(Monet to Camille)

I've very much wanted to meet you, sir. The future of art owes so much to you.
(Monet to Manet)

Camille: Are you going to recognize this child? Because if you don't, Claude, there's nothing else to say to each other.
Monet : If I stay with you,my father will cut me off. I'll get nothing.

The very first day I met Bazille, he was a true friend. He gave what he had. He would have made a name for himself. (Old Claude Monet)

It must have looked idyllic - my family, the water, the light. But not everything was as it seemed. You don't know what money is until you don't have it; you don't know what a family is until you do.
(Old Claude Monet)

Renoir: Life as it's being lived, right in front of our eyes. Monet : That's what we paint. Monet: You know, we can never go back from this moment.

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