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The Impressionists : Pictures (episode 2)

In those days, Degas was a great friend to us all. That was before the rot set in.
(Old Claude Monet)

Richard Armitage as Claude Monet in The Impressionists
That morning, I leapt out of bed to capture that moment. The light changes constantly. A sunrise must be painted as it happens - it's a race against time. How long did I have? 30 minutes at most, maybe only 10! Sweeping washes of paint ... thin fluid bands ... a swift foundation ...
(Old Claude Monet on 'Impression: Sunrise')

Cezanne: An exhibition of our own?
Renoir: We paint what we want, we sell what we can.
Degas: A Salon of realists ...

Within that small photographers studio on the Boulevard des Capucines was the most vibrant, most modern exhibition Paris had ever seen.
(Old Claude Monet)

Monet: Madam, if my work is beyond your commprehension, what good would it do me to paint here?
Alice Hoschede: Please give me time. Whatever you paint here, I shall learn to cherish.

What's the matter? What is it? Sit down ... sit down.
(Monet to Camille)

The trains were halted, the platforms cleared. For several hours, I, station master Monet, had the freedom of the Gare Saint-Lazare. (Old Caude Monet)

My poor wife gave up the struggle this morning at half-past ten after the most ghastly suffering. I am in a state of distress, finding myself alone with my poor children.
(Letter from Claude Monet to Georges de Bellio, 5th September 1879)

What could be more natural than to preserve the last image of a person who's about to leave you ... for ever? The painter first, then the husband.
(Old Claude Monet)

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