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The Impressionists : Pictures (episode 3)

Our group was about to go its separate ways. Whether we liked it or not, it wasn't going to be the same again.
(Old Claude Monet)

Monet: Please let me write to Hoschede.
Alice: To say what?
Monet: That I love you, that you love me. [...]
Alice: I won't divorce him, Claude! You know that - I'm a catholic.

Richard Armitage as Monet in The Impressionists
Please don't punish me for not behaving like a husband. I would very much like to behave like a husband.
(Claude Monet to Alice Hoschede)

From the train, I had seen this rambling farmhouse and we were lucky. The rent was low enough that even we could afford it! (Old Claude Monet on Giverny)

Etretat is becoming more and more amazing; it's at its best now, the beach with all these fine boats, it's superb and I rage at my inability to express it all better. (Letter from Claude Monet to Alice Hoschede, 20th October, 1885).

As the light changed on the haystacks, the whole subject was transformed. And the light kept changing through the day, through different days. And I only worked on each canvas in its light, seizing just the right moment at a stroke, or that moment will be lost. (Old Claude Monet)

Richard Armitage as Claude Monet in The Impressionists
All my life, I have travelled, looking for something. I thought that I would find it seeing different things, but it's here ... it's here. It's in seeing the same things every day.
(Young Claude Monet to Alice Hoschede)

I set up my easel in front of this body of water that contains in it all the elements of a universe, changing constantly under our very eyes. It's become an obsession!
(Old Claude Monet to Francois Thiebault-Sisson)

Monet has outlived them all. Now, he is a hero, one of the most successful painters that ever lived - the father of Impressionism. We have his paintings and his garden - the fleeting moments, an impression of life.
(Francois Thiebault-Sisson)


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